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Baking Soda For Constipation Treatment, Relieve & Colon Cleanse In Adult & Pregnant: Side Effects, Laxative Recipe


Baking Soda For Constipation Treatment, Relieve & Colon Cleanse In Adult & Pregnant: Side Effects, Laxative Recipe

baking soda for constipation treatment

Baking Soda For Constipation Relieve, Treatment & Colon Cleanse In Adult & While Pregnant: Side Effects, Laxative Recipes & Words Of Caution

Baking soda is a common product in almost every household kitchen. Beyond its primary use as an ingredient for baking, it finds usage in other things like cleaning and for treating indigestion. Although there is no reliable scientific data to back the use of baking soda as a relief for constipation, it still remains a very common home remedy.

How does baking soda relieve constipation?

For those who have used baking soda in treating constipation, they use it in several ways.

Soaking in a baking soda bath. It is claimed that soaking in a bath with baking soda can help in relieving the symptoms of constipation. This claim suggests that the solution relaxes the anal sphincter as well as the rectum to stimulate a proper bowel movement.

To treat constipation by soaking in a baking soda bath, add a cup of baking soda to a bath with warm water and soak in it for about 30 minutes.

Drinking baking soda solution. Another method of using baking soda in the treatment of constipation is by consuming it. The idea behind this is that baking soda ? an antacid ? helps to draw water into the alimentary canal which is helpful for a bowel movement. Moreover, when baking soda gets into the stomach, it mixes with the stomach acid and the reaction causes a belch which some persons claim gives relief.

To make baking soda solution, add one teaspoon of baking soda to a one-quarter cup of warm water. Mix the solution and drink immediately.

Side effects of consuming baking soda

While the first method of soaking in baking soda may be innocuous, the second method may not be. The (excessive) consumption of baking soda may lead to other conditions such as diarrhea, frequent urination, convulsions, or even chronic constipation. And in some rare cases, there might be stomach rupturing.

Furthermore, baking soda has a high sodium content which may not be good for people with health conditions like high blood pressure and kidney disease.

Baking Soda For Constipation While Pregnant

A word of caution for pregnant women looking to use baking soda to treat constipation, please do not try it for your own safety and that of your baby.

Ensure you take enough fiber,fruit and vegetables. That is enough to treat your constipation.

Something I used to treat severe constipation when I was pregnant is juice intake.

I take a lot of organic orange and apple juice. I also eat lots of vegetables especially spinach, fruit and fiber supplements.

On occasion, when it get really severe in my third trimester, I visited my doctor for advice so please keep in touch with your doctor.

These products will definitely be of? help to treat constipation during pregnancy. I read good reviews about them so they are safe and efficient

Based on research, most health experts strongly advise against the use of baking soda as a remedy for constipation.

Hence, if you must use it you must only do so as a quick-fix solution and not a long-term remedy. If your constipation persists, you need to try other methods or see a doctor.

Warning: Pregnant women should never use baking soda as a quick fix for constipation.

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