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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Loss: Home Remedies, Herbs & Spices To Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss

Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Loss: Home Remedies, Herbs & Spices To Lose Weight Fast

home remedies lose weight fast home

Herbal Medicine For Weight Loss: How To Lose Weight At Home Home Remedies?

Weight gain is the increase in size relative body mass and accumulation of substances in the body. It could be fat, muscle, water or even mineral deposits. This is normal as it is a cycle that is essential to human development and shows growth is occurring.

Weight gain becomes a problem when the substances accumulate into excess in the body as this pose several health threats to the human body system and affect many other functions. The excess substances accumulate around organs thereby affecting their performance; it leads to high cholesterol which causes constriction of blood vessels and so many other negative effects.

Therefore, unhealthy weight gain is bad for health overall, especially as age increases. There are several causes that could lead to unhealthy weight gain such as bad eating habits, lack of physical exercise and genes amongst other things. Some of this reasons are of human cause and can be easily reversed, but some are involuntary, such as genetics which makes the reversal of this health condition a very tough process.

This article gives a well-detailed analysis into the various ways you can naturally lose weight at home without having to go through measures that are unhealthy to your body system, or having to seek the help of expensive medical practitioners. There are various methods of naturally losing weight through healthy lifestyle habits, good diet, exercise, use of herbs and many others. They are listed below:.

Home Remedies To Lose Weight Fast

Regular Exercise

Normal day to day physical activities are not usually enough to effectively reduce calorie level in the body and lose weight, especially in individuals in their adult age. This is why regular exercise such as cardio exercise and resistance exercises are very effective in aiding loss of weight.

Cardio exercise such as running, jumping, or jogging that involves rapid activity and strains the heart to beat faster are very effective in burning calories and improving heart health, ultimately resulting in the loss of weight in the long run. Resistance exercise also contributes to the development of muscle mass, a better alternative to unhealthy fat accumulation in the body.

Increase in Protein Intake

Protein is one of the elements that the body require relatively more amount if energy to digest and metabolize, subsequently leading to burning of more calories in the body system. Various research and experiments have been done, and this has been confirmed to be true.

Foods rich in protein such as beans not only help aid burning of calories through digestion but also help reduce hunger as they make an individual feel full for much longer. This also aids weight loss as there is less food consumption.

Healthy Eating Habit

When individuals hear having to eat healthy to ensure weight loss, many think it involves eating of drab food or vegetables only, but that is far from the truth. Eating healthy does not necessarily meaning avoiding all your favorite food but reducing those that contain a high amount of substances such as sugar or transfat, which lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Processed food, and sugary drinks are an example of this as they contain various substances such as trans fat that are unhealthy to the body in large quantity. This could be substituted for natural foods such as legumes, fat-free oil, low sugar foods and fruits and vegetables which are more healthy alternatives for them. Most importantly they offer equal or more satisfaction and enjoyment and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Increase Liquid Intake

Water on its own is a very effective agent as its consumption leads to burning of more calories in the body and also reduces appetite by making an individual feel full. When combined with other liquid food which is free of sugar and has the ability to stimulate metabolism and have other effects on the body system. These liquids serve as a super combo, and when combined with other efficient methods, efficient weight loss is guaranteed in the long run.

Liquid drinks such as unsweetened coffee and green tea have been found to be very effective in aiding weight loss as not only do they stimulate metabolism but also have antioxidant properties thus helping to keep the body functioning at an optimal pace in the long run. Sugary or artificially sweetened drinks such as energy drinks, soft drinks or any other drink with high sugar constant should be avoided.

New Eating Habits

Studies have proven over time that psychological issues also have significant effects on the amount of food consumed by an individual, ultimately influencing weight gain and weight loss. It has been found that people who practice eating habits such as the use of large plates or eating very fast have a much higher tendency to eat more and gain weight a lot more faster.

To reverse this, it is advised to change such eating habits and do the opposite such as using smaller plates and eating slower as this would train the body and mind to consume less. This is very effective and guarantees weight loss in the long run.


Ginger is an herb that has been around for a long times, and it is famous for its use in treating various ailments and disorders in the body system naturally. This also includes aiding weight loss. The way ginger helps in weight loss is that it has been found to contain elements that effectively stimulate metabolism thus leading to burning of more calories.

Not only does it aid weight loss through increased burning of calories but it also stimulates bodily functions that specifically target fat burning, and it can reduce appetite hence helping an individual reduce food and calorie intake. Another advantage of ginger is that it can be taken in a variety of ways which include either raw or in the form of spice in food while guaranteeing its potency in effectively aiding weight loss.


Turmeric is an herb that has its origin in India, and it is famous for its exceptional abilities. Turmeric is popular among many health specialists as it is often produced as a form of spice and can the stimulate bodily functions and reverse effects of disorders such as inflammation, destruction of cancerous cells and its antioxidant properties amongst many others.

This exceptional ingredient contributes to weight loss due to its richness in curcumin, an element responsible for many of turmeric’s special abilities and this includes weight-loss. It helps increase metabolism thus aiding weight loss in the long run. To enjoy the full benefits of turmeric in the long run, it can be made a regular part of meals.


Cinnamon is a spice made from the bark of an ancient tree and it is a favorite among many individuals hoping to lose weight. It contributes to weight loss in several ways such as its stimulation of insulin to help convert sugar to energy leading to burning of calories and weight loss, its ability to increase metabolism and effectively reduce appetite without having to worry about any negative health consequences.

All the qualities listed above efficiently aid weight loss. Cinnamon can be found in many local stores for a relatively low price and can be made a regular part of meals to enjoy its benefits not only for weight loss, but also other health advantages the exceptional herb provides.

Cayenne Pepper

This famous spice which is often found in many homes has been found to have abilities to effectively aid weight loss due to its richness in capsaicin, an element that gives the spice its hotness. Capsaicin through various research has proven that it has the ability to boost metabolism, burn of calories in the body and reduce appetite ultimately leading to weight loss in the long run.

Other herbs that are very effective in weight loss include ginseng, black pepper, and oregano.

Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Loss


Guggul is one of the most famous ayurvedic herbs that has been used to aid weight loss over the years. It is a common ingredient used for patients suffering from extreme weight gain such as obesity. It has been proven to help stimulate fat and calories burning while also promoting heart health by reducing cholesterol.


The use of ashwagandha is very effective in ensuring weight loss in the long run due to its immunosuppressive properties. This is as a result of its rich components that help reduce the quantity of cortisol thus ?helping to reduce stress level. It is also capable of boosting several bodily functions in the body through its ability to positively affect psychological functions.


The use of vrikshamla is the most famous Ayurvedic herb for effectively getting rid of excess fat in the body. Its exceptional components such as high content in hydroxylic acid stimulate faster fat burning and boost metabolism. All these factors make it the best ayurvedic herb for weight loss in the short run.


An ancient method which consists of a combination of three different herbs namely hamla, bibhitaka, and haritaka to form a super agent which is capable of getting rid of excess weight in the body in a short period of time. Triphala also has bonus functions of reducing inflammation, removal of toxic substances in the body and improving psychological health.


Trikatu is basically made up of different types of pepper, and its main function in aiding weight loss is increasing metabolism and detoxifying the entire body system.

Best Weight Loss Pills & Supplements

Sometimes regular weight loss programmes are not effective in losing weight due to several conditions such as inadequate time for excercises, inability to lose weight because of genes and many others. In such cases, more effective methods such as the use of medically confirmed pills and supplements may be required. Below are some of the best medically proven pills/supplements that aid weight loss.

Best Weight Loss Supplements


Caffeine is one of the most famous stimulants in the world, and it is basically found in coffee. This supplement has been found to be capable of effectively boosting metabolism and reducing appetite, all of which aid weight loss. Although, caffeine has some side effects which include raised anxiety and faster heartbeat amongst other things it is very effective in ensuring ?weight loss in the long run.


Fiber is one of the essential ingredients needed for effective weight loss in the long run as foods rich in it such as beans are a healthy alternative to junk food and also reduce appetite due to its complex nature. Glucomannan is a type of fiber and performs the basic function of helping to reduce appetite and food intake healthily.

Green Tea

The use of green tea has existed for a long time due to its ability to cure various bodily disorders such as inflammation, destroy the development of cancerous cells and antioxidant properties amongst other things. This magic ingredient is also capable of aiding weight loss as it contains elements which stimulate fat burning. Green tea can be made a part of daily meals to enjoy maximum efficiency.

Bitter Orange

Synephrine is the main component of bitter orange which makes it an efficient agent in aiding weight loss. This substance has been found through several types of research and experiments to be effectively capable of stimulating fat and calorie burning in the body, ultimately making it capable of aiding weight loss. The use of ‘synephrine’ is also one of the federally approved supplements in easing the process of losing weight.

Best Medically Proven Weight Loss Pills

Pills are also one of the most effective ways to efficiently acquire weight loss in a short period of time. It is although important to use these substances with caution as the side effects that accompany them are often serious and may pose serious health threats in the long run. Below are the best medically approved pills for ensuring weight loss.

  • Hydroxycut
  • Meratrim
  • Orlistat

Weight Loss Tips

???????? Drink water immediately before meals.

???????? Engage in regular exercise.

???????? Decrease sugar intake.

???????? Decrease carb intake.

???????? Increaae the quantity of protein and fiber in meals.

???????? Substitute dieting for eating healthy.

???????? Take liquids that boost metabolism.

???????? Use herbs to ease the process.

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