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Best Homeopathic Medicines & Remedies For Weight Loss: Reviews And Side Effects


Best Homeopathic Medicines & Remedies For Weight Loss: Reviews And Side Effects

best homeopathic medicines for weight loss

The concept of homeopathy as an alternative form of treatment started in the early 1700’s. It was founded on the ‘likes cure likes’ rules, which explained that ailments in the body system could be treated with ‘conditions’ that caused it, and the same substance-disease which would cause symptoms in healthy people could be used to treat people suffering from it if administered in small doses.

The use of this treatment has been one that has been a subject of criticism over the years, with many coming to support it and others doing the opposite. Although it has been successful in various experiments and human treatments, others believe it hinders appropriate treatment methods.

Nonetheless, homeopathy has proven over the years to be a very effective alternative form of medicine, and it helps in curing different bodily disorders of which includes excess weight. It does not make other forms of weight loss procedures subordinate but aids in the process by helping to correct underlying bodily disorders or conditions that may be hindering a successful weight loss journey. Below is a list of the best homeopathic medicines for weight loss which offer results fast.

Homeopathy Medicines For Weight Loss


Lycopodium is the most effective form of homeopathic medicine to ensure weight loss quickly. This ingredient is characterized by its bright yellowish color and has been found to be capable of getting rid of fat in the body, especially in the lower region which consists of hips, buttocks, and thighs.

It also helps to reverse symptoms of digestive problems which are often associated with obesity. This could be bloating due to overeating, constipation and several other inflammatory problems caused by indigestion. Lycopodium does well to help reverse these effects and also correct bad eating habits, all of which contribute to an effective weight loss journey.


The use of graphites is one that is more common among women, especially those going through hormonal changes based on menopause or other minute factors that may have led to a rapid gain in weight.

This ingredient contains components that are very efficient in fat burning, especially in the abdominal region which is a common site for deposit of excess fat. Graphites is a very efficient homeopathic medicine for weight loss and when combined with other forms of treatment, it ensures maximum potency and quick results.

Nux Vomica

One of the main causes of unhealthy weight gain is the lack of physical activity, in which the body remains stationary and then excess fat and calories which are meant to be expended in such activities keep accumulating in the body due to its absence. Nux vomica is the most appropriate homeopathic medicine to aid weight loss caused by this condition.

Nux vomica aids weight loss by stimulating bodily functions that help increase fat burn in the body system and helps overcome addictions to stimulants such as alcohol and coffee which are common to this type of individuals. This treatment has also been found to help boost mental health although it has a minute side effect which is that it might be accompanied by mild digestive problems.

Ammonium Carb

Ammonium carb is often used for the treatment of weight loss in children and sometimes adults. It is used for people who are characterized by a large upper body compared to their lower ones and has been found to be very effective, getting the body in a fit shape in a matter of months, and sometimes as less as weeks.

Ammonium Carb is also capable of boosting energy levels thus stimulating bodily functions that would keep an individual active and help overcome the stationary lifestyle, that often leads to unhealthy weight gain. Individuals that use Ammonium carb have been noticed to possess high sensitivity to cold air.

Calcarea Carbonica

Calcarea carbonica is one of the most effective and most used homeopathic treatments to aid weight loss all over the world. It has oyster shells as its main component and provides several health benefits ranging from boosting of metabolism to burning of fat cells and increase in energy levels in the body system.

Before the use of this medicine, several physical characteristics are considered to determine if it would be effective and one of such is a large abdominal region otherwise known as potbelly. Calcarea carbonica helps burn fat in this area the most, and this makes it a good choice for pregnant women.


Phytolacca is a very effective homeopathic medicine for individuals suffering from chronic weight problems, and this condition is often accompanied by other symptoms such as soreness all over the body due to the extra work on organs and bones as a result of excess weight, problem with swallowing, and long-term dry throat.

Phytolacca helps to reverse this symptom by boosting metabolism, reducing appetite and increasing energy levels to stimulate activities that lead to more fat burning in the body system. Phytolacca also possesses some pain relieving properties which helps deal with the soreness attributed to overweight.


Being overweight is often accompanied by several bad habits that cause disorders in the body system, one of such is overeating which leads to constipation, bloating and several other body disorders. Fucus helps to deal with this by controlling the urge, reducing appetite and reverse the negative effects in the body, particularly the digestive tract. All these make fucus a very effective treatment to aid weight loss

Fucus is effective on its own in the long run, but to achieve maximum efficiency, it is advised that this treatment method is combined with other counterparts to ensure efficient and adequate weight loss in the short run.

Side Effects Of Homeopathic Medicines For Weight Loss

The concept of homeopathy involves using likes to cure likes, that is using an engineered form of a disease to treat itself, unlike the more commonly used allopathy which involves using treatments that are opposite in functions to reverse the effects of a disease or disorder such as weight loss.

This comes with several benefits of which the most prominent is its administration being in small, minute doses ultimately leading to lower side effects when compared to its counterpart. Although, it has fewer side effects the nature and application of this form of medicine give room for several errors which may lead to chronic side effects. Some of the common error made in homeopathic treatments include.

  • Wrong diagnosis, leading to worsened health.
  • High doses, worsening the symptoms of the disease.
  • Low potency due to small, minute doses.
  • Too frequent doses worsening the condition.

These errors are commonly made in homeopathic treatment as observations and diagnosis are mainly based on appearance, especially when dealing with conditions such as excess weight or obesity.

?Common Side Effects?

  • Dry mouth.
  • Sweating
  • Constipation

Rare Side Effects

  • Memory Loss.
  • Weakness
  • Pain during urination.

Homeopathy For Weight Loss Review

The use of homeopathy is one that has existed for a very long time, and it has been subjected to several positive and negative criticism, with many professionals and international organizations coming out to request a ban on the practice. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most sought after practices to permanently get rid of ailments and disorders in the body system, and that includes excess fat. Below is a list of the pros and cons of employing homeopathy for Weight loss.


  1. Low side effects relative to other treatment methods.
  2. Provides natural long-lasting solutions.
  3. Quick results.
  4. Offers holistic solutions.


  1. High probability of wrong diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Requires a professional in the field.

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