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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Cancer Healing Herbs, Herbal Teas & Supplements: Best Medicine, Herbal Drugs For Treating Cancer Naturally


Cancer Healing Herbs, Herbal Teas & Supplements: Best Medicine, Herbal Drugs For Treating Cancer Naturally

cancer healing herbs teas supplements


The use of herbs either in raw form or to make tea and supplement has been employed over the years in treating a lot of ailments and that includes the life threatening cancer which so many people dread. From using single herbs which occur naturally to mixtures and synthesised varieties herbs have played an essential role in curing cancer and reversing its effects.

Green tea, peppermint tea, garlic soup and other phrases are terms which anyone that is familiar to the system would be well aware of, but there are so many others that are very efficient in treating disorders and getting rid of cancerous cells. This articles gives an insight into the best herbs that are used for treating cancer naturally and also includes their nutritional benefits and overall effect on the body.


  • Ginger root

This is an herb that has been a regular part of meals in different parts of the world but its nutritional benefits have just been discovered to be one of a kind. Ginger does well to prevent and reverse the effects of cancer due to its anti toxic nature and natural ability to stimulate some basic bodily functions which help to get rid of cancerous cells.

Research has proven that this herb has capabilities to attack and kill cancerous cells in the digestive tracts before they? develop into large tumors and spread, ginger is also capable of cleansing the digestive tract and reducing inflammation, thus preventing a situation which allows the growth and development of cancerous cells.

Another advantage if this herb is that it can be consumed in its raw form or along with meals in form of spices and still retain its potency.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another herb that is very efficient in killing cancer cells due to its antioxidant nature. Most people are familiar with using Aloe vera only on external parts of the body but if prepared properly it can be used as an ingredient for clearing the digestive tract and getting rid of toxic substances that may lead to development a cancerous cells.

It is mainly used for treating colon cancer at its mild stage but is also very effective in reversing the effects of throat camcer by reducing inflammation and swelling in the gut.

It is although important to be careful not to consume this ingredient in excess as it may lead to uncontrollable bowel movements due to its laxative nature, causing further damage to the body.

  • Tumeric

The use of Turmeric in treatment of different bodily disorders such as cancer has existed for a while and it is most prominent in parts of India and Asia.

The herb is highly preferred in getting rid of cancerous cells because research has proven it to be healthy in the sense that unlike other herbs it does not attack healthy cells in the body. Tumeric which is often taken as a tea has a complex makeup which allows it to target infected cells in particular without leading to further damage in the body.

This herbal tea can be taken 2-3 times in a week and should not be consumed in excess.

  • Onion

Onion is a popular vegetable which can be found in almost every household, but it is a shame that most people are ignorant of the nutrional capabilities and health advantages the vegetable is capable of providing.

Onions are rich in protein, fibre and some other elements of high nutritional value but makes it important in the fight against cancer is its ability to eliminate toxic substances in the body and reduce inflammation.

Onion have been attributed to reversing the effects of various types of cancer such as lung cancer, throat camcer and a host of others.

This ingredient can be eaten raw but is often combined with other vegetables to create a very appealing meal. Also onions are known for adding that superb aroma to meals.

  • Burdook root

This is another herb that has existed for a long period of time and has been used in treatment of ailments both in the internal and external part of the body. Burdook root has its root is Asia but its reputation has travelled far beyond the shores of the Continent and is now one of the most used herbal ingredients for eliminating cancerous cells.

Burdook root has high antioxidant qualities that help eliminate toxic substances that might have failed to digest or has been retained in the digestive tract while also stimulating digestion.

The overall effect of the herb on the body is that it helps to cleanse the digestive tract hence eliminating cancerous cells and preventing them from becoming large destructive tumors.

  • Licorice root

Licorice root has been around for a long time breaking boundaries in treatment of various diseases in the body and also for its therapeutic capabilities. This herb that has its origin in China is famously known for its ability to stimulate? metabolic processes in the body ranging from digestion to blood circulation and many others.

What makes this herb one of the best ingredients in taking care of cancer and reversing its effects is that it contains elements which are capable of targeting cancerous cells specifically and destroy them without affecting healthy cells. Also consumption of Licorice root helps reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and all of these functions all make it an important agent in preventing cancer.

Similarly to other herbs of high cancer fighting potential, their strong abilities to fight this cancerous cells also make them harmful to the body when consumed in excess quantity and so should be regulated.

There are various other herbs which are very effective in getting rid of cancerous cells and reversing their damaging effects on the body but the ones listed above have proven over time to not only be able to fight cancer but also provide high nutritional qualities to the body.

But what happens when the cancer has developed to a stage in in which ordinary home remedies or cheap herbal mixtures are no longer capable of handling it.

The stage in which cancerous cells have compiled and grown into large harmful tumors is known as Stage 4 cancer, the tumor could be in any part of the body and has already started to spread. Average herbs are no longer capable of handling this but I’m glad to tell you that there are still certain herbs which when combined with expert medical treatment can help reverse the effects of cancer faster and aid treatment.


  • Curcumin

Curcumin is one of the best ingredients to recommend for cancer patients in which their infections has gotten to an advanced stage.. The way in which Curcumin works is that it as a preferable substitute to many of the synthetically produced pain relievers often given to cancer patients.

Stage 4 is characterized by advanced infection and enormous pain and so this herb is quite important to relive cancer patients of their pain without having to result to addictive drugs such as opioid and so on.

Apart from acting as a natural anasthetic and pain reliever Curcumin also aids destruction of cancerous cells by helping to get rid of toxic substances and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. All these contribute to a faster and less painful recovery and increases the probability of the patient completely beating cancer.

  • Ginger

Ginger has some unique qualities which make it capable of treating cancer both at its mild and advanced stages while contributing nutritional benefits to the body.

The main use of ginger in treating stage 4 cancer is that it helps in reducing inflammation in various part of the body by stimulating production of various enzymes and hormones that would have been otherwise dampened by the effects of cancer and its treatment.

It is preferable to take this ingredient in form of soup or raw form so that it can retain its potency and be rich in its nutritional and antioxidant properties.

Ginger also acts as a pain reliever in the body system by reducing inflammation and stimulating metabolic activities, all of which are essential for efficient treatment of cancer patients.

  • Papaya

Seeing the name papaya one might think the fruit is the one used in preparation of the herb for fighting cancer but that is not the case. Although papaya is the source, it is actually an extract from the outer body in which the back is peeled off and used in making herbs for fighting cancer.

The extract possesses unique qualities which make it an efficient antioxidant for cleaning of the digestive tract and probiotic qualities for reducing inflammation among other things.

It is not a common method but research has proven it to be very efficient in dealing with eradication of cancerous cells when combined with other treatments.

It is important to note that all the herbs listed above are not capable of ridding the body of cancerous cells when it is in an advanced stage such as development of large tumors, but when they are combined with other medical treatments the probability of a successful and quick recovery is increased.

Herb that cures cancer in 16 hours

I know it’s quite thrilling to hear that an herb is capable of curing cancer in less than a day and somewhat unbelievable but it is true.

Wormwood plant was discovered to possess an element ?Artemisinin? which has proven to have unique qualities which have never be seen before to destroy cancerous cells.

Further research on it over time has shown that when combined with iron its potency increases up to four times and destroys cancerous cells without harming healthy ones.

The unfortunate part is that the plant in extremely scarce and the probability of being able to create synthetic ones are slim. Nonetheless top research organisations and scientist are working towards providing a solution to the problem and hope for a breakthrough soon.

The successful engineering and distribution of this herb would be a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer.


There is a popular saying that states ?prevention is better than cure?. This also applies to the case of cancer as it is possible to avoid this life threatening disorder by indulging in some basic lifestyle habits. They include:

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Regular exercise
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Regular hydration
  • Anti-cancer diets

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