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Foods & Habits That Cause Belly Fat In Men And Women

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Foods & Habits That Cause Belly Fat In Men And Women

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What causes belly fat?.
While good levels of visceral fat are considered healthy, the problem arises when the fat levels become abnormally high. This increase in visceral fat can be due to various reasons such as the following.
1. Eating high-sugar foods.
Foods containing too much sugar are delicious to consume, but they are harmful to the health. Studies have found that eating sugary foods like cakes can increase the level of visceral fat in the body. Other studies have also shown that following a high-fructose diet can reduce the rate of fat conversion in the body.

2. Eating foods containing trans fats.
Trans fats are used for preserving packaged foods. These fats are considered unhealthy to overall health as they have been shown to cause several diseases. Eating foods containing trans fats is one of the quickest ways of increasing belly fat.

3. Excessive consumption of alcohol.
High intake of alcoholic drinks has been linked to belly fat. While moderate alcohol intake can help in lowering the risk of some diseases, excessive consumption, however, can cause serious health issues. Moreover, the fact that many persons who regularly binge on alcohol develop a protruding belly hints to the danger of excess alcohol intake.

4. Menopause.
During menopause, women tend to gain belly fat quite easily. This is because menopause slows down the production of estrogen which causes fat to be stored in the wrong places like the abdomen. Before menopause, normal production of estrogen causes the body to store fat around the hips and thighs, but when the estrogen levels decrease, this function is affected.

5. Living a sedentary lifestyle.
Inactivity is another cause of belly fat. Various studies have discovered that people who sit or lay down for long hours every day are more susceptible to developing belly fat than those who do not.

Other possible causes of belly fat are.
? Eating low-protein foods.
? Stress.
? Imbalance in intestinal flora.
? Eating low-fiber foods.
? Genetics.
? Lack of sleep.

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