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Dark Chocolate Health Benefits, Side Effects & Nutrition Facts

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Dark Chocolate Health Benefits, Side Effects & Nutrition Facts

health benefits of dark chocolate for men

What exactly is dark chocolate, dark chocolate or plain chocolate depending on which ever name you choose to call is referred to as the most healthy variety of chocolate all over the world having managed to reverse the characteristics of a food type that is mostly known for its surgery quantity.

The factor that separates dark chocolate from all the other types is that it is mostly made up of cocoa seeds with little or no milk and sugar at all. This variety started as just an alternative for individuals with low sugar tolerance but has made its way into the limelight over the years after its health benefits amongst other things were discovered to be outstanding.

Dark chocolate still remains one of the most healthy sources of antioxidants all over the world and its appealing taste and ability to be go along with various dishes makes it one that stands out among others. This articles further simplifies the health benefits of this amazing food type and its negative consequences on health when used in excess.

Dark Chocolate Nutrition Facts

Having been made up of above 70% of cocoa bean, its nutritional facts are similar to that of pure cocoa and so is greatly packed with essential nutrients.

In 1 bar of dark chocolate

Total calories.????????? 593

Total fat.???????? ??????????42.3g

Sodium.??????????????????? 20mg

Cholesterol.???????????? 3mg

Total carbs.????????????? 45.5g

Calcium.?????????????????? 72.4mg

Potassium.?????????????? 703.9mg

Protein.???????????????????? 7.7g

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

  • Powerful antioxidant qualities

After various authentic researches and positive results, it has been ascertained that dark chocolate is one of the most powerful antioxidant food materials all over the world, even stronger than many fruits.

This makes it a very useful agent in protecting the body against various diseases and infections and when consumed it helps prevent development of unhealthy substances such as that of cancerous cells, thus helping to strengthen the immune system and keep the body working at an optimal pace.

  • Lowering of blood pressure

Although this function has not been perfectly confirmed it is believed that dark chocolate is capable of stimulating secretion of enzymes that help relax the arteries amongst other things, ultimately helping to temperorarily reverse the hypertensive state of people suffering from high blood pressure.

Although it is important to note that this has not been fully confirmed and even though there have been some examples and positive results from the use of dark chocolate in treating hypertension, it is a serious ailment that requires attention of a medical expert.

  • Increasing the health of the heart

Apart from the ability of dark chocolate to stimulate release of enzymes that ease the nerves it is also capable of reducing level of cholesterol in the body.

This two unique abilities become a power pack in the fight and prevention of different hearts diseases by getting rid of cholesterol that clog the arteries and use of antioxidants to get rid of free radicals that may damage vessels.

Overall, dark chocolate can be used to boost the health of the heart over the long run.

  • Boosting of immune system

Dark chocolate has a unique two way ability of being capable of protecting the body against both external and internal threat.

The way this works is that it has strong antioxidant properties which help fight internal infections and disorders while also being packed with nutrient and vitamin that help strengthen th immune system and fight infection from the outside.

Side Effects Of Dark Chocolate

Although this food type has positive health benefits that far exceed and even overshadow its negative health consequences, its abuse can pose serious challenges to mental and physical health. Below are the side effects of dark chocolate.

  • Caffeine

Dark chocolate has a relatively low caffeine content which is harmless most times but when consumed in large quantities the caffeine accumulates and this can lead to negative symptoms such as anxiety, lack of sleep and so on. It is therefore important to consume dark chocolate with caution and this point is emphasized in pregnant women, this is because high caffeine content has been attributed to some birth defects.

  • Digestive problem

Abuse or taking too much of dark chocolate may lead to digestive problems such as GERD, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Irregular heartbeat

It is not completely clear how too much consumption of dark chocolate affects the rate of heartbeat with many attributing it to high caffeine content. Nonetheless, this has been proven to be a symptom of taking too much dark chocolate and when noticed its consumption should be stopped as this could lead to more severe health conditions.

  • Glaucoma

Although dark chocolate is harmless to the eye in its moderate quantity, taking it in excess leads to build up of caffeine in the body system and caffeine is responsible for some eye defects due to its ability to stimulate pressure in the eyes.

From the facts stated above one can come to a conclusion that the overall health benefits of dark chocolate far exceed its negative consequences, and it only posses a threat to health when consumed in excess.

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate For Men

? ? ?You might be wondering why emphasis of its benefits is made on men, although dark chocolate has numerous health advantage to both sex, its effect is more prominent in men as it helps to reverse some bodily disorders such as

  1. Clearing of vessels
  2. Boosting testosterone
  3. Preventing heart diseases
  4. Boosting libido and others

How much dark chocolate should I take a day?

Dark chocolate offers nemerous health benefits for different type of individuals when it is consumed with moderation.

It has been researched to possess long term health benefits and can be consumed every day. The recommended daily dose of dark chocolate is 30/40 g.

Is dark chocolate good or bad for you?

If you’ve been reading this article right from the beginning I think you already got your answer.

Dark chocolate is exceptionally good for you, its antioxidant properties combined with high nutritional value and great taste has earned it its place in the world market.

With a bite of chocolate everyday you reduce the risk of heart problems, boost mental health, great body, immune system and many other things.

Dark chocolate can be said to be God’s gift to man and if consumed with moderation, a long list of health benefits lie in the present and future.

The only time dark chocolate may be bad for you is if you choose to ignore all previous warning and consume an unhealthy quantity.

Is dark chocolate good for skin?

Absolutely! Dark chocolate has a range of effects on the skin right from keeping it shiny to reversing aging symptoms.

It’s rich combo of vitamins and nutrients makes this possible in a number of ways which include the following.

Firstly, dark chocolate is known to help ease stress and boost mental health, this has a major effect on the whole body and keeps the cells and skin happy and shining.

Secondly, its richness in varieties of vitamins help to restore lost moisture in the skin which is the main reason for a glowing skin.

Lastly, it has antioxidant properties which protect the body from external aggression and other problems, a healthy body equals a shining skin.

Can I use dark chocolate for weight loss?

Dark chocolate aids weight-loss in quite a number of ways. Its rich content in healthy fats which do not contain cholesterol is one, these ingredients provides the body with essential nutrients without having to bother about the junk.

Dark chocolate has also been found to be able to stimulate metabolic processes, an example is that taking a few bites before a meal make you feel full quicker, this helps in reducing appetite and thus weight loss.

This various factors make it a very efficient agent in aiding weight loss.

From all the factors listed above we can ascertain that dark chocolate is an ingredient everyone would love to have at home, its nutritional benefits and ability to aid mental health, digestion, boost immune system and others are exceptional and it seems like a ticket to perfect health in the long run.

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