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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Fastest Ways To Cleanse & Detoxify Your Body Naturally Of Drugs And Toxin

Colon Cleanse

Fastest Ways To Cleanse & Detoxify Your Body Naturally Of Drugs And Toxin

fastest ways to detox the body of drugs

How to cleanse, Detoxify Your Body Naturally of drugs and toxin

Detoxifying the body refers to the process of cleansing or purifying the body by getting rid of harmful chemicals and substances. This cleansing process enables the body to stay protected from infections and diseases.

The main detoxifying process is meant to take place in the liver, which is the center of substance-processing. Other parts of the body that take part in the process include the lungs, the skin, the kidneys, the intestines, and the lymphatic system.

It is recommended that every person needs to detoxify his/her system a minimum of once each year. While this recommendation is for everybody, certain groups of people are excluded including children, lactating women, people suffering from cancer, tuberculosis, or any other terminal disease.

?Why do you need to detoxify yourself?

So many of us have at one point or another taken a medical prescription or maybe some sort of pill; these drugs are known to leave behind chemical substances in our body which may be harmful to us. Continuous use of a particular drug can lead to accumulation of these toxins in the body and can lead to the addiction to that drug. To get rid of these unwanted substances, there is a need to cleanse the body free of them. Although the liver and kidney may help to do this naturally, they can be overwhelmed when the toxins become considerable and can be affected. This leads us to the aim of this article, how to cleanse the body of toxins using natural methods.

Fastest Natural ways To Detox Your Body the body

There are different methods of detoxifying the body. However, some are healthier than others. This means that not every detox method can be employed. The following methods are healthy and natural ways of detoxifying the body which can be done at home:

  • Drinking lots of water

When the body is dehydrated, the toxin build-up becomes more impactful. Drinking enough water through the day is a simple way to remedy this situation. Water is the best cleansing agent for the body and excess of it carries no harm either.

  • Milk thistle.

This is an herbal plant that helps in purifying the liver. Since the liver is the most important organ in the detoxification process, it needs to be operating at the optimal level.

  • Consume fiber-rich foods.

Foods like whole grains and leafy vegetables such as broccoli, or even fresh fruits like apples are rich in fiber which assists the body in digestion and proper flow of fluid. Moreover, the body gets rid of unwanted substances through bowel movements which can be stimulated by the consumption of these foods.

  • Turmeric is also good for the liver.

Turmeric is found in curry and contains curcumin which is a liver-friendly chemical. Adding turmeric to your daily diet will do much good for your liver to promote detoxification.

  • Aloe vera juice

The gel of the aloe vera plant is known to be highly beneficial to the human health. This juice also finds use in helping the body to remove harmful chemical substances. You can make the aloe vera juice by slicing a mature aloe vera leave and using a spoon to scoop the gel.

  • Serious exercise

When you engage in any energetic physical activity such as jogging, the body will always release sweat. Just as the liver and kidney are centers of purification, the human skin is also a detoxifying organ as toxins are removed from the body through sweating. You can equally get to a sauna to cause sweating.

  • Drink lemon water

Squeezing a slice of lemon into water and drinking will help the body to remove any harmful chemicals. This is usually more effective if done early in the morning.

  • Apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar has been used since the Middle Ages as a herbal cleanser. This is because of its antibiotic and antiseptic properties that help in combating diseases.

  • Replace your vegetable oil.

Rather than use vegetable oil or canola oil, you should make use of olive oil or coconut oil for your cooking. While the first set of oils can be harmful, the latter are rich sources of beneficial omega 3-fatty acids.

  • Drink herbal tea.

Yes, just like drinking more water will help to keep your body hydrated and free from toxins, drinking herbal tea will also do same. Examples of herbal teas that you can take to detoxify the body are green tea, dandelion tea, chamomile tea, and nettle tea.

  • Eat vitamin C-rich foods

Glutathione, which is a liver antioxidant that plays a role in detoxification, is produced from vitamin C. Increasing your consumption of vitamin C-rich foods and fruits will help to increase the level of glutathione in your liver. Fruits like oranges and watermelon are known to contain large amounts of vitamin C. Even better, guava fruit contains the highest percentage of vitamin C among fruits.

  • Hot & Cold Shower

The external use of water for treatment purposes can also be applied for cleansing the body of toxins. To do this, you?ll have to take a hot shower for about five minutes and a cold shower immediately for less than a minute.

  • Dried or fresh seaweed.

Seaweed contains sodium alginate which helps to prevent the absorption of remnant drug compounds in the body by binding with them. Eating dried or fresh seaweed every day is a natural and simple method of detoxifying the body.

  • Eat foods with high levels of probiotics.

Kefir and yogurt are rich sources of probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that aid digestion; the depletion of these bacteria may result in constipation and poor fluid circulation in the body. To fix this problem, you have to eat more of the aforementioned foods.

  • Deep breathing

Bacteria and viruses don?t thrive in the presence of oxygen. Moreover, having enough oxygen in the body keeps the body functioning properly. Breathing deeply will ensure the proper flow of oxygen through the body.

  • Stay positive.

Doing all the above-listed while being negative will do you little good; finding the good side of things and being positive through the day will help to keep stress away as well as to purify your mind and body.

  • Take Organic Herbal Detox Products

Some over the counter herbs can also help you to detox. Visit your local health food store or visit

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