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Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit, Seeds, Tree Leaves & Juice For Weight Loss, Healthy Skin & Pregnant Women

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Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit, Seeds, Tree Leaves & Juice For Weight Loss, Healthy Skin & Pregnant Women

health benefits of guava seed juice

Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit, Seeds, Tree Leaves & Juice For Weight Loss, Healthy Skin & Pregnant Women

Guavas are small tropical fruits common in tropical regions. They come in seasons and their rinds can be red or yellow or green. This fruit can be eaten in its raw form or with other fruits or juiced into liquid for drinking.

The guava fruit, seed, and leaves have great benefits which are neglected by so many people. Some of the health benefits of this tropical fruit will be briefly discussed here.

Nutritional facts about guava

Guava contains much water with low carbohydrates and fats content. In addition, guava is rich in antioxidants like lycopene and thiamin, and vitamins such as vitamins C, E, and K, which are essential body nutrients and help in the prevention of diseases. Adding guavas to your daily diet is a good way of filling you with the body?s required nutrients.

How to eat the guava fruit

There are several ways to eat the guava fruit but all begin with first knowing whether the fruit is ripe or not. To know if a guava is ripe, after picking, press onto it with your fingers; if it is soft and yellow then it?s ripe.
After picking a ripe guava, make sure to wash it well and start eating or blend it to make a juice from it. If you don?t care for the rinds, then you can slice the guava into two and scoop the inner part using a spoon.

Benefits of guava leaves

The guava leaves contain anti-inflammatory substances which are important for relieving the body from body pains.
The juice of guava leaves has potent oral properties that make it good for the teeth and gums.

Benefits of guava for the skin

Guava fruit contains vitamin K which is a good blood anti-coagulant as well as good in reducing skin blemishes. Guavas contain up to 80% water which is needed to keep the skin hydrated. In addition, the high concentration of vitamin C in guava makes it a good remedy for scurvy.

Furthermore, the guava seeds have high antioxidants and anti-toxin contents that help in detoxifying the body. This combination ensures that the skin is glowing and doesn?t age prematurely.

Lycopene is an anti-oxidant that helps in protecting the skin against harmful ultra-violet rays.

Benefits of guava for the hair

The leaves of the guava tree also have health benefits. The leaves are high in anti-inflammatory chemicals that are essential for a healthy scalp. The guava leaves also boost hair growth. Moreover, the vitamin content of the fruit assists in the formation of a very important substance needed for healthy hair and skin.
Drinking the juice of the guava fruit helps to prevent the loss of hair and dandruff.

Benefits of guava seeds

Virtually every part of the guava has great health benefits. Eating the seeds helps in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and cancers. In addition, eating the seeds is a good source of iron and vitamins that can help to prevent coughs and colds.

Benefits of guava for pregnant women

Pregnant women tend to gain a lot from consuming guava. Some of these benefits are
1. Guavas help in maintaining the blood pressure, which is important in avoiding premature births.
2. For regulating blood sugar level.
3. Increased hemoglobin levels, which is a requirement for good red blood cells formation.
4. Eating guavas helps in boosting the body?s immune system due to the anti-oxidants and high vitamin C content.
5. Hemorrhoids are prevented when pregnant women eat guavas because of the rich fiber content.
6. Guavas contain magnesium which is a good relaxant. This helps to keep the nerves and muscles relaxed, thus, reducing stress and promoting rest.
7. Guavas are rich in calcium, an essential element in the formation of fetus bones.
8. For controlling morning sickness. Eating the guava fruit without the seeds is a good way of regulating the early morning nauseous feeling of pregnant women.

9. In the development of the fetus? nervous system. Guavas contain folic acid, a vital nutrient for the development of the fetus? nervous system.

Other health benefits of eating guava

Promotion of healthy eyes. Guava is also rich in vitamin A which is good for healthy eyes. The anti-oxidants contained in guava such as lycopene help in fighting against free radicals that can be harmful to the eyes. Therefore, eating guavas is a good way of maintaining healthy eyes.

Protection against cancer. Guava is rich in anti-oxidants and other chemical substances which help in fighting off cancer. For example, lycopene is a well-known phytonutrient with anti-cancer properties.

Boosts blood production. Important minerals and vitamins like pantothenic acid, and B-vitamins are vital in red blood cells production. Moreover, the high vitamin C content of the fruit allows the body to take in more iron.

Improves proper bowel movement. Improper bowel movement is a result of many things, top of which is the lack of fiber in the body. Guava is rich in fiber and as such acts as a solution for constipation. Aside from helping to prevent constipation, guava contains pectin which is a chemical substance that promotes digestion.

Help Relieves stomachache. The fiber content in guava is just so good for the stomach; moreover, the potassium content of the fruit assists the acid neutralization process of the stomach.

For proper brain functioning. For a sound mental health, eating guavas is a good idea. The fruit contains essential vitamins and minerals that promote blood circulation to the brain. Besides, guava contains potassium which is a good electrolytes regulator. Because proper brain functioning depends on good electrolytes balance, it becomes ideal to add guavas to your daily diet.

For weight loss. Weight gain is a worldwide problem and anything that can help in weight reduction is a good idea. The guava seeds have high fiber content which helps to reduce calories. People who are looking for a way to shed off some weight without denying the body of its much-needed nutrients will find guavas a good option. Besides, for thin people who want to gain some weight, the high nutrient content of the guava fruit is a good choice.

Guavas are good for the thyroid gland. Guavas contain copper, which is essential for the operation of the thyroid gland. Moreover, copper is essential for the proper body metabolism.

Side effects of guava

While there are many health benefits that one can derive from consuming guavas or its by-products, there are side effects which should be taken into consideration.
For one, you shouldn?t eat guavas on an empty stomach. Also, pregnant women who eat unripe or partly ripe guavas may result in dental problems like toothaches.

Guavas should be washed before consumption as they can be sources of disease-causing germs.
In addition, it is important that guavas are not taken more than is required by the body. This is because guavas have high levels of some important nutrients, which when being excess in the body are harmful. Eating too many guavas can cause stomach ache, especially for pregnant women.
The rich fiber content of guavas can result in diarrhea if the fruit is eaten in excess.
Persons allergic to guavas should not eat them as they can cause allergic reactions.

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