Herbs And Spices To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally & Quickly

herbs to lower high blood pressure naturally

Natural Herbs And Spices To Control High Blood Pressure Immediately?

High blood pressure is also referred to as hypertension and it has been reported as the cause of so many deaths in adults.Its symptoms are not very evident at the early stage, but when the symptoms are clear it would have become a life-threatening condition.

Herbs And Spices To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally & Quickly

The herbs listed below can be used to manage high blood pressure efficiently.


This herb is very popular for the treatment and management of many ailments. Garlic can be used to stop the clotting of blood and reduce the level of cholesterol in the body which will eventually stop high blood pressure. You can chew the garlic in its original form. If the flavor is too strong, then you can roast it. Another way to take garlic is to use garlic supplement.


This plant has a wonderful aroma. Many people have been using it to stimulate relaxation. It brings down high pressure and makes one to be relaxed and calm. Many people do not believe that lavender can be eaten, but you can.


This herb can be used to manage blood pressure effectively. It makes it possible for blood to circulate properly, make the muscles around the blood vessels to relax well. All these will bring down the blood pressure. Take fresh ginger and grind it properly, then add it to vegetable, noodle, soup and drinks.

Flax Seed

This seed is very rich in omega 3. It protects the heart due to fact that cholesterol in the system will be reduced, the blood pressure will stabilize. It is a potential antioxidant that can be added to any dish. It is important to grind flax seed in order to enjoy its nutritional benefits. It is recommended that 30 grams of flax seed should be added to dish on a daily basis in order to reduce blood pressure.


This herb helps lower blood pressure with ease. Once it is added to your food on a daily basis, it is sure to control blood pressure. Research shows that cinnamon reduces blood pressure in those with diabetes. To enjoy this therapy, just add this herb to coffee in the morning and discover its tremendous power.


This is a culinary herb of the family Lamiaceae. This herb serves as a tasty therapy to reduce blood pressure. The flavor of this plant is very inviting. It originates from central Africa and Asia. Studies have shown that the extract from Basil can be used to reduce blood pressure. Just add fresh Basil to your meal and get wonderful result.