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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Herbs That Cure Diabetes: How to Treat Diabetes Naturally At Home Without Drugs or Medication


Herbs That Cure Diabetes: How to Treat Diabetes Naturally At Home Without Drugs or Medication

herbs lower blood sugar fast

Herbs For Treating Diabetes: These Herbs Will Lower Your Blood Sugar Fast

Diabetes is a killer disease. According to various studies and researches, diabetes is a prevalent disease rated in the list of top ten killer diseases. There are two types of diabetes which are type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is either inherited or starts in childhood below 20 years which is why it is commonly referred to as ?juvenile diabetes? while type-2 begins in adulthood.

Both of these types of diabetes are dangerous, and if unchecked they can cause other serious health issues like kidney failure, leg or foot amputation or even blindness. Type-1 diabetes is not reversible, but you can manage it with the right diet which can improve sugar levels in the blood. With the sugar level well maintained, you can even reduce dependency on insulin and other medications. If you want to know how to cure diabetes naturally without prescription, you then need to follow this conversation closely.

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally at Home with Foods

  • Reversing diabetes naturally with Foods

Foods To Avoid If You Are Diabetic

Many of the kinds of foods that you consume daily can have adverse effects on your health. Taking unhealthy foods can raise your sugar levels in your blood, affect your immune responses, and cause inflammation.

There are certain foods that you need to remove from your diet to reverse your diabetes naturally if it is type-2 diabetes or improve your health in your type-1 diabetes.

These foods are:

  1. Refined sugar ? Whether you are sick or not, refined sugar should be obliterated from your shelf and thrown in your trash bin for your better healthy life. There are natural sweeteners which you can replace your sugar with such as stevia, raw honey or maple syrup. Apart from stevia, you should use these other two sugar alternatives rarely since they can raise your sugar level as well.
  2. Hydrogenated oil ? This should be a ?never? type of oil in your diet. Just like rancid oils, hydrogenated oils have several factors that should make you stop from using them. The elements are; the oils contain artificial dyes, and bleaching agents and diabetes is one of the many health concerns linked to consumption of these oils.
  3. Grains ? Grains such as wheat which is gluten-containing grain is high in carbohydrates that are quickly and easily broken down to sugar after consumption. This type of carbohydrate spikes up the sugar in your blood. You are advised to discontinue consumption of all these types of grains for a period of three months while on the healing program. You can then reintroduce them back to your diet but in small amounts.
  4. GMO Types of Foods ? GMO corn, canola, and soy may be the wrong food when suffering from diabetes. Clear your food shelf and your diet of all packed foods and GMO foods. Go for GMO-free foods and organic products only.

How to cure diabetes naturally with natural food

These kinds of foods can reverse or prevent type-2 diabetes. They are useful to include in your everyday diet for better results.

  1. High fiber foods – It is true that in the current world and especially in the U.S. many people don?t care much about consuming enough fiber in their daily diet. Foods that have high fiber are useful for anyone but more especially if you are struggling with diabetes. Fiber will help your body regulate your blood sugar level. It will make your glucose absorption slow down, and aid in detoxification. The source of fiber should be vegetables, fruits, and seeds.
  2. Foods rich in magnesium ? Magnesium play a significant role in metabolizing glucose which helps to regulate levels of blood sugar. A particular study showed that magnesium deficiency in most cases leads to diabetes. Enough of magnesium in your body can improve the symptoms of type-2 diabetes.
  3. Medium chain fatty acids ? They are healthy fats such as coconut oil, palm kernel oil, grass-fed butter, cheese, milk, and yogurt. High fat and low carb diet can have good results in reversing type-2 diabetes.
  4. Protein ? These foods cause a very minimal effect on glucose levels in your blood, and they will enable sugar absorption to slow down. Omega-3 fatty acids are the best source of clean protein, organic chicken, grass-fed beef, eggs, bone broth, and lentils.
  5. Low glycemic foods ? High glycemic foods are quickly and easily converted to glucose than low glycemic ones. It is for that reason that you are advised to use low glycemic foods. Such foods are fish, eggs, avocados, nuts, seeds, non-starchy vegetables, and berries.

Best Herbs for Diabetes

Herbs treatment is the most popular alternative treatment used all over the world and in all kinds of ailments. Traditional medicine practitioners, homeopathy practitioners, and herbalist are the professionals who practice herbal treatment. Diabetes is therefore not left behind on this alternative kind of therapy. The listed herbs are known to be potent home remedies for diabetes permanent cure. With proper consultation of a professional herbs practitioner or herbalist and with these magical herbs that cure diabetes you are sure to get good results.

  • Bitter melon (Ampalaya) is a fruit which has some substances that contain anti-diabetic properties that includes charantin that is responsible for lowering blood glucose. Other elements that either complement one another or work individually in reducing sugar levels are vicine and polypeptide-p. The ingredients in bitter melon are potent in enhancing your body immunity and therefore help your body produce insulin on its own.
  • Aloe Vera is useful in regulating blood sugar naturally since it contains glucomannan which is a dietary fiber that is useful in reducing glucose in the boy and therefore lowering blood sugar. It also detoxifies the body which helps in eliminating excessive glucose in the blood.
  • Ginger ? Ginger is known to increase the uptake of glucose in the muscles cells even without using insulin and therefore help to manage high blood sugar. This finding is according to University of Sydney, Australia research. They found out that this is possible due to gingerols contained in the ginger.
  • Cinnamon ? Cinnamon isn?t known to have many minerals or vitamins, but it is rich in antioxidants which help to decrease stress from oxidative. Cinnamon is more like your guard against diabetes. Diabetes occurs when either the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin or the cells have stopped to respond appropriately to insulin, which leads to blood sugar being high. Cinnamon is one of the magical herbs that cure diabetes.
  • Banaba Leaves is useful in the treatment of diabetes since it contains hypoglycemic medicine. It is high in fiber and other types of minerals. A scientific study done in 2015 in the U.S. showed that Banaba is rich in good bacteria which helps in reducing blood glucose level.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre – Gymnema which goes back in centuries as a fighter of diabetes is popularly used in India for the same purpose. It regulates blood sugar level by increasing the secretion of insulin. It also provides zinc, lactoferrin, magnesium supplements that help in boosting your immunity system which strengthens the body in fighting off diseases.
  • Spirulina – Spirulina is known to be a safe food supplement which you can take every day when suffering from diabetes. It is highly recommended by conventional doctors to have powerful effects on diabetes for improving general well being. It is also potent in fighting off diabetes extensively.

Herbal medicine is effective in managing type-1 diabetes and treating type-2 diabetes. The main reason apart from being nutritious foods, they contain anti-diabetic compounds like flavonoids, phenolics, tannins, and alkaloids. These compounds are responsible for improving pancreatic tissue performance by increasing secretion of insulin and decreasing intestinal glucose absorption.

Using herbal medicine as an alternative method of treatment or managing your diabetes health issue is affordable and effective compared to synthetic drugs.

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