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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism: Natural Cure For Thyroid & Swellings Permanently With Food


Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism: Natural Cure For Thyroid & Swellings Permanently With Food

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Hypothyroidism is an Irregular physical condition that is very common among different people of all ages, race and geographical distribution. It is a phenomenon whereby the Thyroid gland which is responsible for secretion of enzymes that control functioning of many activities in the body ranging from blood circulation to digestion and a host of other bodily functions are not functioning as they should, it literally means the thyroid gland does not secrete enough enzymes and this leads to low performance of the body system.

This disorder is caused by different reasons such as deficiency of some nutrients, medications and sometimes it is as a result of the immune system working against its self.

Although hyperthyroidism can not be permanently cured they are various methods to reverse its effects using diet, exercise, herbs and lifestyle changes.


  • Autoimmune disorder( Hashimoto?s disease)
  • Medications
  • Cancer treatment
  • Pregnancy


  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Weight gain
  • Constipation
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry skin



Hypothyroidism is a condition that reduces efficiency of various metabolic activities in the body thus denying the body of many nutrients and extremely weakening it. Fruits and vegetables are very important in replenishing the lost nutrients that are required for optimal functioning of the body system and they also possess antioxidant properties which help get rid of toxic properties and aid digestion.

Also some vegetables and fruits possess properties such as being alkaline in nature which makes them best suited for reducing inflammation in the body system.

  • YOGURT With Probiotics

Yogurt is one of the ingredients best suited for treating inflammation of the digestive tract which includes the gut which is the site for origin of hypothyroidism. It possess a lot of probiotic qualities which provides healthy bacteria for various purposes in the body.

One of the place which the healthy bacteria are very useful is the gut as it helps cleanse it of all toxic sunstamces and reduce inflammation thus enabling the thyroid gland to produces adequate hormones.

Yoghurt is a favorite among many people as it can easily be taken along with meals and at any time during the day, also it possess nutrients required in toddlers.


Taking broth is very essential in reversing the damaging effects of hypothyroidism as the ingredients such as beef and other type of fleshy foods are extremely proteinous in nature and contain important nutrients like amino acid which are very important in repairing the body system.

The way in which this ingredients are useful in treating hypothyroidism is that they do well to repair damaged parts in the digestive tract and provide the body with nutrients in an easily absorbable form.

Broth intake should be made a regular part of meal consumption if one hopes to cure hypothyroidism quickly.


Intake of coconut oil along with meals is a very healthy method in treating hypothyroidism as the oil not only contains nutrients and minerals to nourish the body but also aids digestion and increases rate of metabolic activity.

All of the above listed functions of coconut oil make it a very good agent because hypothyroidism has already weakened bodily functions of the entire body and it does well to stimulate those activities. Also the oil has some unique antibacterial qualities which aids reduction of inflammation in the gut and digestive tract as a whole.


Iodine deficiency is the major cause of hypothyroidism in different parts of the world as this element is very essential to the thyroid gland and lack of it makes it unable to produce the much needed hormones.

Iodine occurs naturally and the body does not produce it, it is therefore important to ingest this element and the good part is that it can be taken along with meals.

The most common source of Iodine in many parts of the world is through? salt intake, it is not advisable to ingest Iodine raw so it is preferable to take it in form of seasonings that is added to meals. Many people are familiar with using of salt but that is not enough to provide adequate Iodine needed by the thyroid gland, other sources of Iodine include sea fish, eggs and many others.

It is therefore important to ensure adequate consumption of Iodine as part of our meals to prevent hypothyroidism and in some cases reverse its already present effects.


One of the many consequences of hypothyroidism is that it leads to reduction if the rate of metabolism which includes low rate of digestion, this allows toxic materials to remain in the body and this substances cause damage to organs and weakens the body system. Apple cider vinegar helps to reverse this effect as it possesses antioxidant properties and also helps to stimulate digestion.

It is advised that anyone suffering from hypothyroidism should include consumption ofapple cider vinegar 1 to 2 times daily along with good diet.


Apart from using coconut oil in treating hypothyroidism the consumption of some other oils with a lot of health benefits such as olive oil and safflower oil are very efficient in battling hypothyroidism.

These oils contain nutrients which are specially required by the thyroid for its effective functioning and they also stimulate metabolic activities that might have been slowed down by hypothyroidism.

These oils are good replacement for previously used oils in preparing meals.


Many people are likely to develop symptoms of hypothyroidism due to various reasons and consumption of these foods only increases the risk. So it is very important to stay away from them when you percieve yourself to be a possible victim of the disorder.

  1. Foods with high gluten content
  2. Already processed food



Ayurveda is a natural method to treat various ailments which has been around for quite a while. It involves use of herbs, therapy and physical activities to stimulate different parts in the body. An example of this ancient method is the use of foot massage to treat hypothyroidism.

To do this the experience of a professional is needed and it involves massaging areas of the foot which are believed to be connected to the thyroid. This massage helps to stimulate the organ to produce hormones and even though this method may seem unconventional it has been proven over time to be very effective.


Hypothyroidism is sometimes caused by hormonal imbalances in the body due to stress, anxiety and lack of rest. It is therefore important to include some lifestyle activities that help relieve mental and physical stress. Such activities include meditation, yoga and many others.

These methods may seem unconventional and unreliable in dealing with a serious disorder that affects the entire body system but research has shown them to be very effective as they help return the body system to a relaxed state literally making it reboot and function optimally.

These activities should be adopted as part of weekly routines along with regular excercise because it reduces the chances of suffering from hypothyroidism and stimulates the overall endocrine system.

Also yoga positions are one of the most adopted exercises for treating hypothyroidism as they help stimulate various activities in the body, with the thyroid included.


Water lettuce is a plant that can be found in any part of the world, floating over lakes and rivers. The plant is one of the ingredient used in producing Ayurvedic Herbs and its use over time has shown it to be very effective.

One of the qualities that make it suitable for treating hypothyro is that it is rich is Iodine, an element in which its deficiency is one of the leading causes of hypothyroidism, hence this plant is often used to prepare herbal drinks which are consumed by victims.

Also, water lettuce is used to treat swelling of the thyroid gland and reduce inflammation by using its mixture to massage the swollen parts.


This a method that requires expertise of prefessionals well accustomed to treatment in ayurveda because it involves activities which could be otherwise harmful to the body if not properly done.

Nasya karma involves passing certain special oils through the nose inorder to stimulate various activities in the body system. Although it is a very efficient method, it requires tools and precision such as knowing how much to tilt the head to prevent overdose or rushing of oils into the body.

Nasya karma is a method that is very effective in treating hypothyroidism as it helps to reduce inflammation of the thyroid gland and also stimulates adequate release of thyroid hormones.


One of the major causes of hypothyroidism is autoimmune disorder which results in protective cells of the body harming the thyroid gland and preventing secretion of essential enzymes.

To avoid this, Vitamin D which is found by receiving some sunshine is necessary as its deficiency is often the cause of various autoimmune diseases.

Regular excercise outdoors is one way to get the much needed vitamin D and also strengthen the body against the drastic consequences of hypothyroidism and also useful against a host of other disorders.

This is a method that has been proven effective over time and another advantage is that it can be easily squeezed into daily plans and adopted as a lifestyle habit over time.


Hypothyroidism is a common disorder that is experienced by many people from different parts of the world hence it has always been a topic of discussion with the best minds all giving their strategies and advises on how to beat the disorder.

An example of such is the world renowned medical practitioner Dr. Oz and he has given a few insights on how to prevent and also reverse the effects of hypothyroidism. His advice to patient suffering from hypothyroidism include:

  1. Avoid deficiency of vitamin D.
  2. Regular Selenium Intake.
  3. Constant supply of Iodine to the body.
  4. Vegetables and fruits.
  5. Healthy oils.

Although no method to permanently cure hypothyroidism has been discovered, a handful of ways have been developed over the years to be able to reverse its effects to a minimal level.

To beat this disorder, healthy diets and lifestyle practices have to be made a regular habit and people who indulge in such will definitely benefit in the long run.

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