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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

How To Get Rid Of Canker Sore Fast: Natural Treatment Home Remedies That Work

Cancer Sore

How To Get Rid Of Canker Sore Fast: Natural Treatment Home Remedies That Work

how to get rid of cancer sore fast

Natural Ways To Treat And Cure Canker Sores Fast

Canker sore is one of the most common mouth infections experienced all over the world. It is characterised as a painful sore or ulcer that develops in the inner part of the mouth and is often accompanied with other symptoms such as painful swallowing, fever and some others.

Although the infection shares some similarities with other diseases such as oral cancer and cold sores, they are quite different and in order to effectively treat it, there is need for proper study and diagnosis.

This article offers discernment into the disease canker sore, its causes, symptoms and treatment methods.


Minor canker sore

Minor canker sore is the most common type of this infection and is caused by minute reasons such as tissue damage due to injury in the mouth, bad dental hygiene or even allergies. This type of canker sore often heals without any treatment in a matter of days and the pain accompanied with it is very mild.

It is although important to maintain proper hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits to ensure that the condition does not deteriorate to a more severe one.

Complex canker sore

This is the least common of the types of canker sore infection and is characterised by large sores sorrounded by inflamed tissue in different areas of the mouth.

It is caused by a more serious condition which could be deficiency in essential nutrients, bacterial or viral infection, digestive disorder, weakened immune system and a host of others.

Basically, complex canker sore is often a symptom of a more severe health problem and once noticed proper medical checkup should be taken.



The inner part of the mouth is made up of one of the most sensitive tissue in the entire body and so the littlest of irritations could lead to injury and infections such as canker sore.

This could be as a result of medical treatments such as applying of tooth braces, implantation of new teeth and basic home activities such as intense brushing of teeth, picking of teeth and other things can lead to the development of canker sore.

Although this often leads to just minor canker sore the symptoms that accompany it are often painful and so caution should be applied when dealing with inner areas of the mouth to avoid inconveniences.


There are a lot of different ways in which people show allergies to food that they are not tolerant of and one of it is inflammation of cells in the mouth.

This could sometimes lead to canker sore and so should be avoided. Apart from the development of canker sores, allergies could also have chronic or life threatening effects on an individual and although it is almost impossible to keep count of everything that is consumed, caution should be applied at all times especially in individuals who react in a more serious manner.


Although it is hard to exactly define how stress influences the development of canker sores it has been highlighted as one of the major causes of this infection over time.

And so to avoid this inconveniences, some lifestyle habits such as exercises, adequate sleep, rest and other things that ease tension should be made a part of our regular day to day activities.

Weakened immune system

Weakened immune system often leads to a more severe type of canker sore which is complex canker sore. Most times it is just a symptom of an underlying health problem which pose a more significant threat to the overall health of an individual.

In this case it is important to provide the body with essential nutrients through consumption of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients to strengthen the immune system or seek the expertise of a medical professional to ascertain the cause or reasons for this disorder in the body system.

Bad dental hygiene

Bad dental hygiene is one of the main causes of canker sore as not regularly taking care of your mouth and its component parts allows the development of harmful bacteria which leads to inflammation among other things.

The importance of keeping the mouth clean at all times can not be over emphasised as its negligence can even lead to more chronic health conditions and so the mouth should be properly taken care of.

Deficiency in essential nutrients

Not having adequate quantity of some essential nutrients such as B vitamins, iron and some other elements often result in a number of harmful health conditions and this includes canker sores. The deficiency of these nutrients is attributed to complex canker sore and hence the symptoms and effects are more painful and dangerous to the overall health of the victim.

It is therefore important to consume ingredients that are rich in these nutrients in order to provide the body with what it needs for optimal functioning and development of the immune system.

Oral cancer

Complex canker sore could be as a result of normal deficiency and infection or could sometimes be as a result of the dreadful cancer.

If treatment is taken and no improvement is noticed in a couple of days it is important to seek medical attention to rule out the possibilities of it being as a result of development of cancerous cells.


  • Painful inflammation in the infected area
  • Painful swallowing
  • Sores in the mouth
  • Fever


  • Good dental hygiene

There is a popular saying that states that ?prevention is better than cure? and this also applies to the case of canker sores. This infection is mostly caused by bad dental dental hygiene and allowing harmful bacteria to remain in the mouth for a long time and so to avoid the unpleasantness associated with canker sores, good dental hygiene should be made a regular lifestyle habit.

Another misconception about keeping your mouth healthy is that people often think that it stops at just brushing once or two times daily but every detail even to the minute ones should be considered.

The type of brush, toothpaste, mouth washer, food eaten and other factors should be given essential attention to avoid disorders such as this.

Also, when the canker sores are as a result of external infections or immune system disorders that have no connection with hygiene, this practices help speeded up recovery and reduce pain.

  • Salt rinse & mouth wash

This is the first thing that should be done when the presence of canker sores are noticed. It is important in controlling the growth of the infection and helps reduce the inflammation in the inner part of the mouth for a while.

There are two methods that can be employed in doing this and both are equally efficient. The first involves the use of a clinically approved manufactured mouth wash that has antiseptic qualities for killing harmful bacteria in the mouth without leading to the damage of its soft tissue, this helps to keep the mouth cells torpid, thus killing infection and reducing pain.

The other method involves use of an ingredient that can easily be found at home, salt is often used in place of mouth wash and it serves the same function. To use this, salt should be mixed with water and gargle in the mouth for a few minutes. This increases speed of healing and help reduce pain.

  • B-12 Vitamins

Vitamin B-12 is a vitamin that is essential to the optimal functioning of various metabolic processes in the body and its deficiency has been associated with a lot of diseases and bodily disorders and this includes canker sores.

This vitamin can be found in different food types such as egg, meat, milk and many other thing and so should be consumed on a regular basis.

If proper diagnosis is carried out and the canker sore is found out to be as a result of deficiency in this nutrient, the increase in? consumption of materials rich in it as a part of regular meals is important to quick healing and recovery but in some cases where greater amount is needed the uses of supplements may be prescribed.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is a favorite when it comes to dealing with various infections and inflammations as a result of bacteria in the body, this is because it is appealing to consume and this combined with its probiotic qualities make it a unique agent in fighting body disorders.

It is a known fact that simple canker sores which are the most common type of the infection is often caused by bacterial infection, the way yogurt helps in curing this and reversing its effects is that its consumption provides the body with healthy bacteria that help reduce inflammation thus killing off harmful bacteria.

Another advantage of yogurt is that it can be easily administered to toddlers and has little negative health consequences on an individual, hence it can be made a regular part of meals.

  • Honey

If you are in search of a method that can be used for long term treatment of canker sores without having to worry about harmful effects on health or inconvenient consumption the best choice for that is honey.

This naturally occurring ingredient is most potent at its unfiltered or non manufactured state and is famous for its high nutritional and antiseptic qualities. It does well to cleanse the mouth of harmful bacteria while reducing inflammation and easing pain.

Honey can be taken in a lot of ways to treat canker sores. One can lick on it or take it as a mixture with water and gargle to ensure it gets to all parts of the mouth.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is a plant that is mostly cultivated for the purpose of making tea and medicinal treatment. Its high antiseptic qualities make it a very good agent in treating a number of infections and diseases and this includes canker sore.

Chamomile is best applied for treating canker sore in form of tea and it does a double task of cleaning the mouth of harmful bacteria while also providing nutrients to the body.

It is although important to consume the ingredient with caution as its overuse could lead to severe physical and mental damage.

  • Baking soda

Treatment of canker sore is another use on the endless list of things baking soda can be used for, ranging from keeping insects out of the house, treating digestive problems and now curing canker sores and many others.

Baking soda has its effect on canker sore by helping to reduce inflammation associated with it. This is because baking soda in naturally alkaline in nature and so its presence helps correct the overly acid nature of infected parts.

To use baking soda, the powder should be mixed with water and gargle for a while. This should be repeated 3 to 4 times daily.

Can canker sores be cured in 24 hours?

It is a known fact that the inconveniences and pain associated with canker sores is often unbearable as it is directly connected to some bodily functions such as swallowing or eating, and so you might be on a quest to immediately get rid of it.

This is not yet possible as the mildest of its type which is simple canker sore takes a minimum of a few days to completely disappear, but the good news is that with the methods listed above you can reduce the effects of the symptoms like pain or painful swallowing to a minimal level until the sores are completely gotten rid of.

Are canker sores contagious?

No! Canker sores are not contagious and are often caused by internal reactions to various things.

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