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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Inside House, Apartments, Bathrooms & Kitchen Cabinets Fast


How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Inside House, Apartments, Bathrooms & Kitchen Cabinets Fast

how to get rid of cockroaches fast


Roaches! The sight of these brown creatures is anything but pleasing. Capable of grossing almost anyone out, it is natural to want to get rid of these creeping insects from your homes. Cockroaches are nocturnal in nature (that means they operate mostly at night) and only come out during the day when it is very important. Their appearance aside, they might seem harmless as they go about their activities. Do not let this fool you as they can cause infections to you and to your family. Roaches themselves do not cause any infections or diseases. However, they serve as vectors for a number of bacteria or infections, leading to diseases that range from diarrhea to food poisoning amongst many others.

They feed on basically anything, defecating on the food materials as they feed, leaving their eggshells, or leaving behind the dead skin. As a result of this, having roaches in your home could lead to contamination of food and food poisoning, especially when these food items are left open or not properly sealed. Leaving food particles in the sink or on the floor can be a way of inviting these creatures to your home. Roaches have been found to invade the body parts of people, such as entering the nose while they?re asleep. The secretions from their saliva contain allergens that can trigger allergies in humans such as sneezing or rashes. It can cause serious complications, especially for asthma patients.

Little wonder then that many people want to get rid of these pests as fast as possible. The use of chemicals in exterminating these roaches can also pose a serious health challenge for the user because the chemicals themselves might be toxic to him, especially if there are kids around. This article discusses other methods of chasing away roaches that do not threaten the lives of the user.


The use of baking soda in getting rid of roaches is a very simple and effective one, perhaps because it is cost effective. It makes the skin of the roaches to dry up leading to death. If you use baking soda, be sure to notice a decrease in the number of roaches in your home. Before using the baking soda, however, it is important you know where these pests are hiding, so you can determine what areas to place the baking soda.

Take some sugar and some baking powder and mix together. Sprinkle this mixture in those places you know they hide in. Sugar doesn?t affect the roaches in any way but it serves as a bait to attract them. Once they come closer, the baking soda kills them.


Boric acid is relatively inexpensive and is one of the most effective and widely used for the extermination of cockroaches as well as other pests. When ingested into their system, roaches will die. It is important you keep the boric acid away from your kids or pets because consumption of it can lead to poisoning in the stomach.

Take the boric acid powder and dust lightly in areas where these roaches hide. It is important however if the dusting is not thin, roaches will sense it and walk around it. Boric acid when wet, becomes ineffective as well. When the boric acid has been dusted lightly in the specified areas, the roaches will walk over it and when they are grooming, will ingest the acid, leading to death. You can use the boric acid on the tub, the sink or the toilet.


If you are one of those persons that prefer a method which only drives the roaches away instead of killing them, then using bay leaves could be helpful. Bay leaves are natural repellants that drive roaches away. They just can?t stand the smell. One advantage of using bay leaves is that it is not poisonous to humans. You don?t have to worry about where to keep these leaves.

Simply crush dry bay leaves in a bowl to produce a powder. Sprinkle the powder in those areas where you know the roaches are hiding or resting. Use in holes, crevices, openings, anywhere you think they might be living in.


The fabric softener acts by suffocating the roaches because they breathe through their skin. It has to be placed in areas where you know these pests are occupying.

Take 3 parts of fabric softener and mix with 2 parts of water. Put the resulting mixture in a spray bottle and apply on selected areas. Remember to shake the bottle first before use.


Apart from its fresh smell, lemon is very effective in removing grease and stains from surfaces. Unknown to many, however, it can drive roaches away due to its ant pathogenic properties.

Take some lemon peels and grind them. After grinding, place the powder around your home, especially in corners and dark places. Additionally, you can mix lemon juice in some quantity of water to clean the house and mop the floor.


Coffee can be used as a bait to remove cockroaches since they like it. Simply take a jar and fill it with coffee grounds. Then, take some water and pour in the jar. The coffee attracts the roaches towards the jar and as they enter the jar, they are trapped in the jar. Roaches, however, can survive for 40 minutes in water and for 30 minutes if they are fully submerged. Hence, it is possible for them to still get out of the jar. To prevent this, rub some petroleum jelly on the inside of the jar. This prevents the cockroach from getting out because there is not enough traction to make this possible. Place these jars at selected areas in the house.

Remember to check them every morning so as to remove the dead roaches and place new coffee in the jar.


Roaches have a water source because they cannot go more than a week without water. Locate all leaks in the house and be quick to fix them. At night, remember to use a stopper to cover drains to prevent them from entering. If any pipe produces condensation, do well to cover the area with a tape. To also prevent condensation, open the windows or get a fan to make sure the rooms are well ventilated.

After bathing, do not allow puddles of water to remain in the bathroom. Try to wipe the water immediately. Make sure that if you keep plants, there is no water in the pot, especially after watering them. Learn to keep the sinks in the bathroom dry.

In the kitchen, try not to leave dishes or pots with some water in it. This can be a source of water for these roaches.


Look for cracks or holes in your drain pipes and seal them immediately you find them. Fill up these holes or gaps that are found around pipes under the sink. Look for cracks around the walls or on the floor and seal them. Do not only seal the interior of the house. Go outside, look for cracks at the exterior of the house and seal those cracks. These cracks can be found anywhere in the house ranging from the windows, to doors, under the sink and holes present in the bathroom and kitchen. Look for areas that might shelter these pests. Always discard card boxes immediately after use.

Blocking cracks, holes and crevices takes a lot of time but you can be sure that the benefits are well worth the effort you put into it. You would successfully reduce the population of these gross insects.


The first step in removing roaches is to clean your house because a dirty home is a breeding spot for roaches. In cleaning your house, pay more attention to your kitchen to prevent any sort of contamination or food poisoning. Immediately after meals, learn to wash your dishes and to put leftover food away. Never leave dirty dishes overnight. Wash all dishes before you go to bed. After eating, remove the crumbs or spills that you see. Make it a routine to always mop your floors to clean up food particles that may have gotten stuck on the floor.

After washing pots or other cooking utensils, place them upside down to prevent roaches from laying an egg or placing their droppings. After cooking, clean your oven appropriately. Use disinfectants to clean the floors, sink and kitchen counters. Empty the contents of your trash can every day. Preferably, use a trash can with a lid to prevent roaches from entering. Use a vacuum for the back of the fridge.

Remove clutter from your yard periodically to prevent roaches from breeding there. Remove piles of wood and put them somewhere far away from your house because this usually makes a good breeding spot for them. When the weather gets colder outside, roaches migrate into homes in search of a warmer environment. This is why you should remove anything that could be a breeding spot for these pests.


Roaches need food to survive. However, if their source of food is blocked, they will have to look for it somewhere else. Remove leftover food and place them in airtight containers for refrigeration. Learn to wash dishes immediately after use and to clean spills. Have a fixed area where you eat to limit the places where food particles can be found. Remember to always clean those areas once you?re done.


The soap and water solution is also effective in killing roaches. When you spray the solution of soap and water on the cockroach, it forms a film over their breathing pores, thereby suffocating them.

Make a solution of soap and water and place in a spray can. When you see roaches, use the can to spray on them. Few drops of this solution are enough to kill them. Target areas you know they might be hiding and spray. This method might not be the most effective. However, it does help in killing roaches.


The gel bait helps to trap roaches in them. When you have blocked all the source of water, these roaches will be drawn to the bait because it contains some moisture in it. When the roach approaches, however, the bait traps it and the roach is unable to move


Place some cucumber peels in an aluminum container and let it stay overnight. The juices from the cucumber will react with the aluminum, producing a smell the roaches can?t stand, hereby, removing them.

While these methods are effective in getting rid of roaches, it is advised you seek the assistance of a professional exterminator. This saves you the time, trouble, and money and you can be sure you will get the best results. Remember to let them know if you have pets or kids so they can use the appropriate chemicals for extermination. Be rest assured that these professionals have the right tools for the job.

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