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How To Cure Colon Cancer With Food: Natural Home Remedies For Colon Cancer Treatment & Prevention


How To Cure Colon Cancer With Food: Natural Home Remedies For Colon Cancer Treatment & Prevention

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Natural Home Remedies For Colon Cancer Treatment & Prevention

There are a lot of defects which the body experiences as it grows older, organs become strained and the body system does not function with the degree of efficiency in much younger years. This leads to as number of irregularities and inconveniences and an example is colon cancer.

Colon cancer from its name is the cancer of the large intestine. It is one type of cancer that does well to affect the digestive system and is caused by a number of reasons which range from bad eating diet to consumption of substances that are toxic? to the body such as alcohol and genes.

Colon cancer is a common disease and research has shown that the disease is likely to affect every 1 in 15 persons in their life time. Similarly to many other types of cancer the disease begins at a very mild stage which involves growth of harmless clumps of cells on the surface of the colon and if not discovered and treated early it grows into a large tumor which is very dangerous to the health of the individual suffering from it.

Fortunately there are a lot of methods which include home ingredients and lifestyle changes that can help prevent and reverse the effects of colon cancer at its mild stage before it grows into a life threatening ailment.

The causes, symptoms and natural methods to treat colon cancer are listed below:


  • Inherited genes.
  • Smoking & Alcohol.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • High fat diet
  • Age
  • Race.


  • Irregular bowel movement.
  • Bloating and abdominal pains.
  • Blood in stool.
  • Fatigue.



One of the best methods to reduce the probability of developing colon cancer is to adopt some lifestyle habits that involve activities such as regular exercise.

Exercise is very efficient is keeping the body in shape and also increase metabolism in the body. To further simplify how exercise works in battling colon cancer, the cancer is often caused by age, bad diet and other factors involving ingestion. Exercise helps to induce the body system to work more and in the process the body is stimulated and is once again at optimal level both in normal activities and the development of the immune system.

It is although important to engage in cardio influencing exercises to help the body work and recover at full pace.


It is a common fact that both drinking and smoking have negative consequences on the body in the long run and another way it does that is by increasing the chances of colon cancer.

Consumption of these harmful substances especially tobacco deposit toxic substances into the body and this leads to greater inflammation in digestive system hence speeding up the rate in which cancerous cells develop.

Although it is possible to reduce the quantity of drinking to a harmless stage, continuing to smoke is otherwise hopeless and it doubles the probability of getting colon cancer.

To stop those bad habits may be overwhelming for the victims and so it may require help of professionals or family and friends to overcome but abstaining from drinking and smoking is one of the best ways to avoid developing colon cancer.


One of the major causes of colon cancer is bad diet which includes consumption of food that is high in fat and has low fibre content. This is the reason why it is important to have balanced diet meals which will provide the body with minerals and nutrients that are essential for its adequate functioning and there is no other way to ensure this than to eat vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits not? only provide the body with nutrient for its effective functioning and development of immune system but also contain elements which help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract hence reducing the chances of colon cancer.

Vegetables such as spinach or cabbage and a host of others with a wide variety of fruits will do the trick in preparing the body against infections and irregularities which include colon cancer.


Garlic has a wide range of uses ranging from treating indigestion to heartburn and is also very useful in the fight against cancer.

The ingredient contains elements that help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and aids digestion among other things. These properties make it suitable in fighting against cancerous cells especially when they are at polyp stage before it develops into a full fledged tumor.

Garlic can be eaten along with meals or alone in its raw form, nonetheless both methods are equally effective and so garlic is an important ingredient that should be included in diets.


The use of apple cider vinegar is an Ayurvedic approach to treating colon cancer that has existed for quite a while. The juice contains elements which make it very efficient in getting rid of cancer cells at its mild stage by reducing inflammation in the digestive tract and it also acts as a non toxic cleanser of the large intestine which is the primary site of colon cancer.

Along with cleansing the colon of cancerous cells apple cider vinegar also possesses antibacterial properties which make it an efficient tool in treating many other infections in the body system.

Apple cider vinegar is an invaluable ingredient in the fight against many infections and colon cancer is not to be spared.


Turmeric is a herb that is very famous for its unique ability to cure various diseases and infections.

It has its origin in India and is one of the famous ancient Hindu methods that has existed for a long time. The herb contains properties that enable it reduce inflammation in the stomach and also cleans the digestive tract of all toxic substances.

If it is to be ingested in form of spice in food, Turmeric along with other spices such as peppermint or cayenne are very useful in preventing the growth and getting rid of cancerous cells.

Also this herb is mainly consumed in form of tea and can be taken once to two times daily to ensure efficient treatment.


Bad diet is one of the main causes of colon cancer in adults, this is as a result of aging of the body and thus it cannot perform many functions with as much efficiency compared to the early days and this includes digestion.

The body in its old age cannot properly digest many compounds which have high fat content and a significant example is red meat. These foods therefore deposit remains in the digestive tract which are toxic to the organs and the colon is a common site for such occurrences.

Apart from that, digestion of many of these high fats food often lead to inflammation in the digestive tracts and that breeds a situation for development of cancerous cells.

It is therefore advised? not to completely abstain from high fat foods as they also have their nutritional benefits but to reduce their intake to a minimal level especially at old age and to complement their consumption with fruits and vegetable which are highly nutritious and are capable of reversing their damaging effects.


Lemon is one of the household ingredient that can be acquired easily without having to break the bank and fortunately the use of its juice is among the most effective ways of treating colon cancer.

Lemon has some very oustanding properties which allow it to remain a natural ingredient in fighting many ailments, an example is the existence of vitamin C in its juice. Vitamin C stimulates digestion in the body system and also helps to reverse the effects of inflammation in the colon hence it helps the body to get rid of cancerous cells.

Lemon is most effective when it is prepared naturally and although its juice can be bought at stores, most times they have already been mixed with other compounds and preservatives which reduce its potency.

It is preferable to consume lemon juice 1 to 2 times daily as it acts as a natural cleanser to the digestive tract and possesses a wide range of antioxidant properties.


Aloe vera juice is a favorite among many people for its unique abilities to cleanse the digestive tract of all toxic substances which can lead to development of cancerous cells? and many other ailments

Apart from its ability to acts as a natural cleanser Aloe vera juice also contains many minerals which make it an important source of healthy nutrition for the body among other things.

To use this method the juice is to be consumed a maximum of 3 times daily preferably once in the morning, afternoon and later at night.

It is? also important to note how your body system reacts to the consumption of Aloe vera juice because it stimulates digestion and may therefore increase your bowel movement frequency, and so to avoid mishaps Aloe vera juice should not be consumed in excess quantity.

To consume Aloe vera juice, it can be mixed with water and honey to give it a more appealing taste and should be taken before meals two times daily.


Baking soda has a wide range of uses in the house apart from its primary function of being used as an ingredient in cooking. It is used for preventing insects infestation, treating irregularities in the body such as indigestion or heartburn and is even capable of treating colon cancer.

The ingredient has components which make it a strong purgative agent, hence it aids digestion and increases bowel movement which help cleanse colon also known as large intestine.

Another way in which baking soda helps prevent colon cancer is that the ingredient is alkaline in nature which makes its consumption efficient is reducing inflammation in the stomach and thus reducing the chances of developing cancerous cells.


The intake of some healthy oils such as coconut oil or olive oil among many others is very efficient in cleaning the colon and preventing the development of cancerous cells.

These oils not only provide nutrients to the body but also have strong antioxidant properties which helps cleanse and wash away cancerous cells when it is at its mild stage such as polyps.

Apart from being a good agent in the removal of unhealthy substances in the body these oils are also very useful in reversing effects of irregularities in the digestive tract and help the body function at optimal level.

The use of these oils especially coconut oil involves some non-conventional practices that have to be taken such as abstaining from consumption of solid food during that period and a host of other things, hence this method is not advisable for people suffering from serious ailment or pregnant people.


This might seem like an absurd method to use while dealing with treatment of colon cancer but it is as efficient as many of the methods listed above.

Yogurt naturally has probiotic elements which make it very useful for provision of healthy bacteria into the body system when it is consumed. These bacteria are very useful in aiding digestion, reducing inflammation in the stomach and getting rid of toxic substances in the body especially in the digestive tract which includes colon.

This makes the consumption of Yogurt a very efficient ingredient in cleansing the body of toxic substances and ensuring proper digestion, all of which reduce the probability of getting colon cancer.

Yogurt is a can be taken along with meals and should be consumed regularly.

Colon cancer is not an ailment that develops into its chronic stage suddenly, it grows over time as a result of bad habit, diet or genes. This makes it possible to prevent and treat before it causes serious irreversible damage to the body system.

The methods listed above can be turned into regular lifestyle habits as many of them are normal activities which everyone who hopes to remain healthy in the long run should stick to.

If after engaging yourself with various of this methods you do not experience any improvement it is important to seek medical attention and get proper treatment before it gets too late.

Since Colon cancer is a life threatening disease, we recommend you consult with your doctor before carrying out any of the steps mentioned here with the exception of the food suggestion.

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