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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

5 Calming Herbs For Treating Anxiety, Sleeplessness & Stress Naturally At Home

herbs for anxiety sleep stress

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5 Calming Herbs For Treating Anxiety, Sleeplessness & Stress Naturally At Home

herbs for anxiety sleep stress

5 Calming Herbs For Treating Anxiety, Sleeplessness & Stress Naturally At Home

Natural herbs are capable of curing several kinds of diseases and health conditions. These herbs are products gotten from various types of plants. They contain diverse medicinal qualities which are of great benefit to human health.

Natural herbs can prevent and cure quite a number of diseases and medical conditions. Herbs are just as potent as synthetic drugs and should be used and ingested with care as they could also be over-dosed. In recent times, herbs for several health needs have been made readily available to individuals in the form of herbal/natural supplements. Several organizations specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of natural herbal drugs.

When making use of natural herbs, it is best to ensure they come from quality sources. Approval should also be sought from a certified practitioner to be sure these herbs are safe for use and the mode in which they should be administered.

Natural Herbs For Anxiety And How To Use Them

Anxiety is a health condition which affects the minds of its victims. This condition is associated with the feeling of fear, restlessness, and general uneasiness towards uncertain events and circumstances which an individual cannot necessarily control.

The feeling of anxiety is quite a normal emotion when it occurs in regular levels. It is natural to feel anxious over certain situations every once in a while, this happens to everybody. However, anxiety becomes a disorder to be addressed when it disrupts the daily life and general health of a person. Anxiety becomes an issue when an individual continuously obsesses over uncontrollable circumstances and the fear of the unknown becomes overwhelming and irrational. Quite a number of people suffer from this condition and it is best to quickly address this situation to prevent it from getting worse.

There are several natural herbs which can be used in various forms to help with anxiety disorder. Some of these herbs are ingredients which are present in synthetic anxiety drugs. Many of these herbs have been made in form of various herbal teas and herbal supplements for convenience and regulated consumption.

Kava Kava

This plant has its origin around the pacific islands. The roots of this plant are known to contain substances which have euphoric and sedative qualities when consumed. For this reason this plant is commonly used in making certain drinks which have the ability to treat anxiety. The consumption of this kava root in its natural form for anxiety is accepted by the World Health Organization and said to have relatively low risk levels.

This root can be consumed in drink form, like how tea would be consumed. Kava can also be consumed in form of pill supplements. This herb has been well proven to help in the treatment of anxiety. It should however not be consumed with alcoholic substances of any kind.


Chamomile has been proven to be quite effective for the treatment of anxiety. It generally lessens the sign of anxiety and can be taken in pill or in tea form. Chamomile has effective relaxing properties which helps calm the body nerves. This is particularly good for those who suffer from lack of sleep due to anxiety because it helps them relax enough to get some sleep.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm leaves are used in preparing herbal teas, lemon balm is also used in the making of essential oils and its general extracts can be used in the preparation of herbal medicine. Lemon balm is considered quite safe, the leaves can be used to prepare herbal tea and this tea, can be taken either hot or cold. It can also be added to other forms of herbal tea and consumed. Lemon balm has been known for ages to reduce anxiety, drop stress levels and aids body relaxation.


Lavender is a flowering plant widely known for its pleasant scent and usefulness in the making of essential oils. Lavender has relaxation qualities and the inhalation of it, is believed to have calming effects which is helpful for anxiety patients. Lavender can also be ingested in pill form for the purpose of fighting anxiety. Most people who suffer from anxiety experience trouble sleeping. The consumption and the breathing in of lavender have been known to promote relaxation and induce sleep. It is best to avoid the consumption of this plant if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have any ill reaction to this herb like constipation, increased appetite and low blood pressure.


This plant is good for anxiety disorder as it possess calming and soothing qualities. When consumed, passion flower has nerve relaxing abilities which helps induce sleep in people. Passion flower can be taken alone and can also be added to other herbal teas.

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