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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Natural Ways, Home Remedies To Kill, Get Rid Of Bed Bugs & Cockroaches Permanently


Natural Ways, Home Remedies To Kill, Get Rid Of Bed Bugs & Cockroaches Permanently

best home remedies killing bed bugs instantly

Natural Ways, Home Remedies To Kill, Get Rid Of Bed Bugs & Cockroaches Permanently

Have you ever been in that situation where you have already achieved the look of your dream home. The tables look perfect and all the cushions are perfectly streamlined to match the perfect edges of the apartments but then while you’re taking your daily nap you start to experience irritations and when you look to check what is wrong, it is the worse thing that could happen to you. Your utensils and furnitures have been completely invaded by those horrible insects which you hate so much.

Bed bugs and cockroaches are one of the toughest insects to control and get rid once they make their way into our spaces. Their small size allows them to hide in tiny places such as bed edges or beneath wooden furnitures and camouflage nature makes it impossible to notice them until it is too late, normal insecticides don’t always take care of the problem and sometimes it gets so worse that all furnitures might have to be changed or the expensive services of an exterminator might be needed to deal with them.

Well, I’ll be glad to tell you that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get rid of these home invaders as some of the best home remedies are listed below:



This is one of those ingredients that can be easily found in stores all over the country and it can be used to control bed bug infestations. The leaf emits a strong odour which is extremely non pleasant to Bed Bugs. The process of using peppermint leaves include drying the leaves up to an extent in which they can be easily grinded to powder, after that it is put around edges and sometimes door paths to prevent Bed Bugs. The use of peppermint leaves is one process that has been confirmed to always repulse Bed Bugs because they find the smell to be very toxic to them.


Vinegar is something that is used in almost every home whether you use it to spice your food or just keep it at home as a form of preservative. If you don’t have it at home it can easily be bought at stores for a little amount of money.

Vinegar contains acetylic acid which is very poisinous to bed bugs and it being in liquid form allows for easy usage in different parts of the house. It should be sprayed on every part in which prescence of the bugs has been noticed such as bed edges, furnitures and other places you think the bugs might be hiding.

Vinegar is often used in place of alcohol while dealing with bed bugs and is as effective in eradicating them. Note that although bed bugs hide in laundry it is not advisable to spray or soak cloth it with vinegar as this could damage them.


Steaming is one of the most efficient ways of taking care of Bed Bugs and it is often mixed with thorough vacuuming of the apartment. After the whole apartment has been thoroughly vacuumed it is advisable to also steam in order to ensure the insects hiding in unseen places can be killed. The process is a little bit strenuous but it is definitely worth it as it kills all Bed Bugs including the destruction of their eggs.

The process includes heating up the whole environment or where the bed bugs are found to a minimum degree of 64 degree Celsius. It is advised to do Steaming during free periods when the house will be unoccupied as the high temperature could be harmful to human health.


Baking Soda is one home ingredient that has a lot of use ranging from exfoliating to even cleaning. It is also useful in permanently getting rid of bed bugs as it kills them when they come in contact with it. Baking Soda literally sucks all the liquid out of this tiny insects and dries them completely within a short time.

Baking Soda should be applied to all the areas where they are found immediately and should be repeated several times to make sure all the tight places are impacted on. Baking Soda is good in the use of getting rid of Bed Bugs because not only does it completely dry them out it is also somewhat harmless to humans.


There are various ways of getting rid of bed bugs ranging from the use of acids to juice of fruits but this methods can not be used for treating the infestation of laundry because most of this methods will damage the materials. The use of hot water for washing is the most efficient approach in taking care of Bed Bugs found in cloths which is one of their popular hiding spaces.

The clothes should be dipped in hot water before aading of detergent to wash it. If this method is not comfortable the cloths can be soaked in hot water and left for a few minutes to kill all bugs before being transferred to a warmer water and then washed.

This is a very efficient method as both grown Bed Bugs and their eggs are totally destroyed.


There is a popular saying that states that ?prevention is better than cure?. Controlling Bed Bugs after an outbreak can be a very tough process and sometimes the damage and infestation might have been too bad that normal control measures become ineffective and thus furniture and equipments will have to be completely disposed.

This can be avoided by always ensuring that the environment is always clean and vacuuming everywhere so that this horrible insects have no where to breed and hide. It is almost impossible to control their invasion of uninfected places as they easily move from one place to another hiding in purses, cloths and other things but vacuuming makes sure they are nipped at the bud before becoming a problem.

Fortunately effects of Bed Bug bites are not so serious and sometimes go unnoticed, still it is important to keep this insects at bay as they can become a far bigger problem than their bites if not controlled.



The use of lemon in maintaining an amazing household cannot be over emphasised because not only is it used in cleaning it is also completely harmless to human and thus can be sprayed or sprinkled indifferent parts of the house without having to be concerned about toddlers or pets being around. Lemon gives off a smell which is very toxic to cockroaches hence repulsion them at all times.

It is very efficient in curbing the menace of cockroaches and should be applied in all areas of the house to keep them away. Lemon juice also contains a significant amount if acid and can be used to kill cockroaches if the need be. The juice should be mixed with water and sprayed on areas in which the cockroaches are present.


Cockroaches are a type of insect with the ability to feed on almost anything that is edible to man, this advantage to them can also be used to curb them. Baking Soda which is used in controlling bed bugs by drying them out can be used on cockroaches too but in a more subtle manner.

The ingredient is mixed with sugar which attracts the insects and when they consume it, it poisons them. Although this method is a very effective one with high success rate, it is quite strenuous because the mixture needs to be placed in exact areas where the insects are found unless it will be a waste. So when making use of this method make sure you know the exact areas where the cockroaches breed.


Cucumber is one of the natural fruits that is very useful in the eradication of cockroaches in areas in which people reside in.

The process is started by cutting the cucumber into small sizes and then placing it in corners around the house or areas in which the cockroaches are believed to be breeding. The cucumber acts as a strong repellant to the insects and the irritation it creates for them make them to disperse. Although it would take a lot of cucumbers to get the whole apartment covered it is worth giving a try.


As peppermint leaves are for eradication of Bed Bugs so are bay leaves? for cockroaches. The leaf can be gotten fresh and then later dried so it can be grinded to powder or it can be bought directly at stores. The use is very similar to that of peppermint leaves as it it spread all over infected areas and corners in the house. It is a very strong repellant and drives those insects away with desperation.

It is preferable to use grinded Bay leaves prepared by yourself to ensure that it work efficiently as store bought may have been mixed with other ingredients.


Although cockroaches can stay alive for a very long time without food they can not do the same with water. Constant consumption of water is very crucial to their survival and without it they’ll be dead in a matter of days.

Inorder to maintain this non suitable area for cockroaches it is best to maintain relative dryness in the apartment. Areas such as underneath furniture, dishwasher and other places in which the insects are most commonly found should be kept dry when not in use so that they will not serve as a breeding place for insects.

Silica gel is a very useful tool when trying to achieve this type of environment as it sucks humid in the areas in which it is placed and ensures dryness.


Boric acid is one of the most efficient ingredients used in eradicating cockroaches because once it gets into their system death is certain. The ingredient can be bought in local stores and comes in different forms which include Boric acid or Borax, either of the two can be used as they are both extremely lethal to the insects.

The process is one which is very similar to the use of baking Soda because it can also be mixed with edible ingredients so theat the insects can consume it. Any food which is edible to human such as meat, egg or sugar is suitable and after mixing it with the boric acid, it should be placed in areas where the cockroaches breed or move about.

It is advisable to place the mixture in small quantities.

  • OILS

Some oils which are commonly found in most homes or local stores are very useful in curbing insects infestation in the home and that includes cockroaches. This oils act as repellant and them being in liquid form makes it very? effective because they are able to soak and penetrate into tiny areas. Examples of such oils include Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Oregano oil and a host of others help to keep the insects out of your private space.

In order to ensure this method works efficiently the spraying of the oils in infected areas should be done at least once in two weeks to replenish the strength of their odour and make sure they remain toxic to the insects.

Above, some of the most effective ways of eradicating bed bugs and cockroaches are listed. The bites or irritations caused by this insects are not really harmful, nonetheless they cause significant problem as their presence leads to damage of property and an uncomfortable presence in the apartment. If the aim is to repel them or to kill them completely approaches to achieving either of the two can be picked from the various methods listed.

Whether it is your home or place of work this repulsive bugs do not discriminate in invading your private space so? therefore do not hesitate in taking drastic measure to get rid of them.

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