Thyme Essential Oil Health Benefits: Why It Is Used To Fight Cancer, Depression, Fungi & Bacteria

thyme essential oil benefits

Why Thyme Oil Used To Fight Cancer, Depression, Hormone Inbalance, Fungi & Bacteria

Thyme has been used for a long time in herbalism for its healing properties. Respiratory problems like bronchitis and laryngitis can be treated by using oil extract from thyme.

This oil has a powerful antimicrobial function and that is why it is used in preserving food.
Most companies use it to preserve their food.

Antibacterial Uses.

This oil is used to establish anti-bacterial control in infections environment like commercial chicken house.
Its antimicrobial prowess has made it a very powerful antibacterial oil.

Antifungal Property.

The oil is used especially to kill candida fungi.
When added to clove, basil, lemon and geranium, it is highly effective in fighting candidiasis.

Hormone Balancing & Cancer Fighting .
Thyme Essential oil helps the body to regulate and balance hormones.
This potent estrogenic herb is very powerful in fighting cancer.

For Treating Depression
Thyme Essential oil helps in providing anti inflammatory relief on neurotransmitters that cause depression, hence it is a powerful anti depression herb.

Immune booster.
Ths essential oil works as a white blood cell stimulant to boost the immune system.

It is one of the rare essential plant that works from the inside out.