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How To Cure Sinus Permanently: Home Remedies For Sinus Headache

How To Cure Sinus Permanently

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How To Cure Sinus Permanently: Home Remedies For Sinus Headache

How To Cure Sinus Permanently

Home remedies for sinus congestion headache: how to cure sinus permanently

Sinus congestion happens when fluids get stored up in the sinuses causing them to become blocked and painful. Most times the mucus flows out to flush away what is causing the irritation. This can be caused by many conditions. Some of these conditions are cold, flu, viruses, allergies, etc.

Sinus pain relief

This is the headache that accompanies sinus congestion. This pain lies around the forehead, eyes and cheeks. This pain tends to become worse when the head is being held down or the face is touched.

Sinus pain can be caused by congestions from cold, allergies or bacterial infection. This pain can be treated at home without a doctor. It can be treated using some over the counter medications are natural remedies.

Some over the counter drugs used in the treatment of sinus pain include acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen.

How to drain your sinuses

Sinuses can be easily drained by the following methods

  1. Being hydrated

Drinking enough water helps keep the mucous membranes in the sinus moist hence making it easy to drain.

  1. Using a saline flush

This involves using a saline spray which contains salt to moisten the nose and reduce the sinus congestion. This spray can easily be made at home by adding ? tsp of salt and ? tsp of baking soda to ? pint of clean water. This solution is usually sniffed in to help reduce the congestion.

  1. Steam

Inhaling steam can help open up the sinuses and help it drain easily. Simply boil water, pour in a bowl and inhale the steam.

  1. Essential oil

Using an essential oil like menthol helps open the sinuses thereby making it easy to drain. Add few drops the essential oil to hot water and inhale the steam.

Sinus headache relief pressure points

Acupressure is popularly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It works when pressure is applied to specific parts of the body so that the body can be free from the pains and symptoms of illness.

This method of treatment also works for the treatment of sinus pain caused by cold, or flu. This treatment can be done at home without the supervision of a medical practitioner.

The pressure points for acupressure that helps relief sinus congestion are divided into four.

  1. The acupressure face point
  2. The acupressure arms and hands points
  • The acupressure neck and head points

The acupressure legs and feet points

The acupressure face point

There are three major points on the face that can give relief for sinus congestion. They are

The cheeks

Under the cheeks, there is a tender point. A push on this tender point from the lower side to the upper side will give a relief for the congestion.

The bridge of the nose

This is the top of the nose. Applying pressure on the bridge of the nose for about four minutes will bring relief for the congestion.

The sides of the nostrils

These are basically the bottom parts of the sides of the nose. Applying pressure to these pressure points for a few minutes with the fingers 90 degrees to the face will make the sinus open up thereby giving a relief for the congestion.

There are other pressure points on the face that can give relief to this congestion. Massaging these points gently will be of great help.

  1. The eye socket just above the eye
  2. The top of the inner eyebrows
  • The outer edge of the eyebrow bone
  1. The outer part of the eye socket close to the eyebrow bone
  2. The inner corners under the eye
  3. The bottom part of the outer edge of the eye

Applying pressure to these points several times in a day make you stress free while healing frontal and upper sinus problems.

The acupressure arms and hands point

These are the point where you can find relief from the congestion on your arms and hands.

The inner gate

This point is found on the back of the wrist where there is a gentle part between two tendons. Applying pressure with the thumb will help do the magic.

The finger tips

These points are precisely found on the nails. Applying pressure on each of the fingers for a short while, one after the other will help bring relief.

The point between the thumb and the index finger

This point is easy to locate as it is the gentle point in between the thumb and the index finger. Applying pressure with the free thumb and index finger will bring relief to the congestion.

Using the pressure point on the arms and hands help in improving the circulation to sinus which will help reduce problems associated with breathing.

The acupressure neck and head point

Applying pressure to the acupressure points in this set for 5 minutes separately will help find relief for the congestion. These pressure points are:

The top of the neck

This is the back part of the head where the neck meets the skull. Applying pressure with the thumb on this point for 5 minutes will make you feel better.

The head

To find this point, put your two hands on your head and let your fingers meet one another at the upper part of the head while your thumbs meet each other at the backside of your skull. The point is where your two thumbs meet. When you find this point, apply pressure for about 5 minutes to relieve the congestion.

The acupressure leg and feet point

The points in this set are the upper outside shin, the toes and the toe nails.

  1. The upper outside shin

This part is the immediate protruded part just under the knee and the point is located where the shin meets with the muscle. Massaging this point will help improve the circulation to the sinus and the ears thereby giving relief for the congestion.

? ? ?2. The toes

The toe points are located at the tip of the toes. Applying pressure to these points will cure the congestion and prevent it from occurring again.

? ?3. The toe nails

Applying pressure on this acupressure point either in a clockwise or anticlockwise manner will help treat sinus congestion.

Home remedies for sinus infection

Sinus infection also known as sinusitis can be treated with some natural ingredients like garlic, citrus fruit, oil of oregano, grape fruit seed extract, apple cedar vinegar, etc.

Treating sinus infection with apple cedar vinegar

Drinking dilute apple cedar vinegar can treat sinus infection. It contains vitamins, minerals, malic acid and antioxidants that help clear up the blockages and it works by attaching to pathogens and help the body evacuate them better.

To drain the sinus, make a drink by adding one teaspoon of the apple cedar vinegar to one glass of water and drink. You can also make a drink by adding the apple cedar vinegar to boiling water and allow cooking; the heat should not be too high. You can add lemon and honey and cayenne pepper to make it richer. Taking this drink will help the infection clear easily.

How to get rid of a sinus headache instantly

Sinus headache is the pain in the sinuses and it is best treated by treating the main cause of the pain. Sinus headache is usually caused by sinusitis or allergies. The one caused by sinusitis can be treated by using decongestants and antibiotics while that caused by allergies are usually treated by using a nasal spray that contains steroids or antihistamines.

At home, sinus headache can be treated by using the saline spray, steam and other methods of treating sinus congestions. When the underlying cause is cleared, the headache will go.

If the symptoms do not get better after a week, it is advised that you talk to a doctor. If a person suffers from sinusitis or sinus headache for 3 months, they may be asked to go for an X-ray or MRI scan. In severe cases, surgeries are done to help widen the sinus and cure the infection.

How to cure sinus permanently at home

How to relieve sinus pressure in ears

The ear can become congested when the Eustachian tube (a small canal that runs between the nose and the middle ear) becomes obstructed. This can be caused by anything that can cause sinus congestion (like flu, sinusitis, allergies, etc.), fluid buildup, wax buildup, etc.

For the sinus related congestion, you can relieve your symptoms by

  • Blowing the nose gently
  • Decongesting the sinus by using nasal sprays
  • Using nasal humidifier to wet the nose
  • Avoiding whatever it is you are allergic to.

Sinus headache vs migraine

People sometimes mistake sinus headache for migraine. This is because migraine and sinus headache have some similar characteristics. Some of these characteristics are:

  • Nose blockage
  • Pressure on the forehead and face
  • Pains that get worse when you move your head

It is important to note that migraine is not the same thing as sinus headache and they cannot be treated the same way.

Sinus headache usually has the signs of sinusitis and the headache should be cured by antibiotics and it should not last for more than a week. If it does, then it could be a migraine.

Migraines are mostly characterized by sensitivity to light, nausea and a beating or pounding headache.

Foods to avoid with sinusitis

The food we eat can either make our symptoms get better or worse. Knowing what to eat when you?ve got sinusitis can go a long in helping your situation. Here are some foods you should avoid with sinusitis:

  • Foods with high amount of saturated fat
  • Deserts and other forms of processed sugar
  • Foods that contain gluten and casein like wheat, barley, etc.
  • Foods rich in monosodium glutamate like cheese, pizza, etc.
  • Excess omega-6-fatty acids
  • Refined carbohydrates like processed white flour cereals and instant mashed potatoes.

Foods containing the above listed ingredients should be avoided because the make the inflammation of the sinus worse.

There are also foods that can help your inflammation become better. They are; fish, beans, green vegetables, avocadoes, turmeric spice, green tea, gingseng, citrus and other fruits.

Last words

Using antibiotics to treat sinus congestions and infection is not always necessary especially at the early stage. Antibiotics are harmful to the body; this is why I recommend that you try the natural ways of treating these ailments as they respond well to natural treatment.

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