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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Pimples And Remove Blackheads At Home

Acne Pimples

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Pimples And Remove Blackheads At Home

how to get rid acne pimples blackheads home naturally


Acne is one of the most common skin conditions affecting almost 50 percent of individuals at the puberty stage with statistics stating that it affects up to 50 million Americans yearly.

Although its effects are mostly mild and not life threatening its prescene is often associated with low self esteem amongst other things.

The skin infection is characterised by filling of the hair follicles with an oily liquid called sebum, sebum is a liquid secreted in order to help remove redundant substances in the skin but when it is secreted in excess or is unable to easily pass out of the body it accumulates and leads to blemishes on different parts of the body which may include face, necks, chest and other parts.

Acne has various types based on how to infection build up and the most common types which are mild and rarely lead to scarring include.

? ?Whiteheads :

Whitehead is a type of acne that is attributed to blockage of the hair follicle. Secretions are therefore unable to leave the body and this leads to blemishes.

Whiteheads like its name has a white dry appearance on the surface of the skin, it is a mild form of acne and rarely leads to scarring.

Whiteheads are mostly as a result of external factors such as inadequate skin care practices, oily skin and other factors that lead to the pores being clogged.

Blackheads :

This is an acne type that is relatively more easily noticeable to the eye as it results in the dark colouring of the skin type. Unlike whiteheads, the pores which pass the oily liquid are not blocked at the top allowing it to oxidize and get a very dark colouring, this is also aided by the presence of melanin.

Other types of acne which are more severe include:

Pimples :

Pimple is a more severe type of infection with a high probability of it leading to scarring compared to the other types.

Similarly to other types of infection the hair follicles are filled with dirt and unneeded substances ultimately clogging it, only difference this time is that the clogging occurs in large quantity leading to a significant swelling also filled with pus.

This increases its likelihood of resulting in a scar and often requires a more serious treatment than others previously mentioned.

Other types of acne include cyst, papules , nodules, pustules.

?Out of all the various types of acne listed above the most common of them include blackheads and pimples and so this articles gives an insight to the causes, symptoms and efficient treatment methods.

How To Remove Pimples And Blackheads At Home Permanently

  • Rinse twice

One of the major causes of acne is the accumulation of dirt and oil on the face leading to blockage of pores.

Having this substances on the surface of the skin is inevitable as an average person’s day is often characterised by hectic activities but in order to reduce the effect of this, it is advised to ensure to rinse the body parts, especially the face a minimum of two times daily. This helps to reduce quantity of dirt on the face thus reducing the probability of blockage of pores and acne development.

  • Exfoliation

This is one of the most famous skin care routine among top beauty experts and although the process is quite simple it is often ignored by a significant percentage of the population.

Exfoliation involves using various home made materials to get rid of stubborn dead cells that would otherwise not be cleared with normal cleaning routines.

Exfoliation can be done using various ingredients such as sugar, baking soda, lemon and many others.

It is a very efficient method than can be used in the long run and and not only does it remove dead skin cells that lead to acne but also aids a glowing and smooth skin.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon has a variety of uses ranging from exfoliation, to cleansing amongst other things. The main use of lemon juice in treating pimples and blackface is because of its high acid content which aids drying up of oily skin and its ability to act as a natural bleach.

It’s acidity helps cleanse the skin thus preventing accumulation of dead cells while its bleaching property helps lighten the dark spots which occur as a result of blackheads or in more severe cases, scarring.

Also, lemon juice has high nutritional content which helps nourish the skin and gives it a vibrant look.

  • Baking Soda

The use of baking soda is one of the most efficient methods of treating blackface and pimples although it requires being done with a lot of caution.

The process involves mixing the baking soda with water to get a paste like texture and applying it on the face. This helps to dry out all the excess oil that may be found on the face and also killing bacteria.

It is important to apply this with caution as baking soda in excess could completely dry out the skin leading to a host of other complications.

  • Adequate Rest

Unknown to many, stress is one of the main causes of many bodily disorders and this includes acne especially blackheads and pimples. Putting a lot of strain on the body system leads to more secretion of sebum, the oil that is responsible for transportation of dead cells through the hair follicles. An excess of this oil in the body system ultimately leads to the various types of acne problems.

And therefore according to research getting adequate rest plays a very significant role in reducing the probability of developing acne problems.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea has strong antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that make it a great tool in treating different types of acne problems especially blackheads.

Application of green tea is quite a simple process and it involves applying it on the face once daily.

It is a guaranteed approach to treating pimples and blackface and positive results are expected just in a couple of days.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a favorite when it comes to treating different bodily disorders, not only can this ingredient be used to make tea and soups for various internal problems but is also very active in dealing with external threats.

Cinnamon does well to get rid of acne, pimples , blackheads and a host of other bodily disorders because of its strong antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities.

It is specifically useful in cleansing of the face and reversing the effects of clogged pores while nourishing the skin and keeping it healthy in the long run.

To apply Cinnamon, the powder should be mixed with water or lemon and applied on the infected area.

  • Aloe Vera

The use of Aloe Vera is one that has existed for quite some time and is responsible for both temporary and permanent reversal of many ailment both internally and externally.

Aloe Vera is often mixed with other ingredients to make several beauty products but in its fresh raw form it is a very effective tool in dealing with skin infections such as acne, pimples or blackheads. The process of using aloe vera involves extracting the gel from the leaf and applying it on the face or infected parts for a few minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

This can be done daily to achieve maximum results.

  • Tomato

Tomato is very efficient in dealing with blackheads and pimples due to its antioxidant nature but also has a significant bonus property of being relatively cheap in cost.

This fruit that can be found in many local stores is very rich in some elements such as lycophene which is responsible for fighting against harmful bacteria, and so it has a double combo use of fighting off bacteria and also preventing oxidation which leads to blackheads, ultimately preventing and reversing the effects of acne infections.

The methods listed above are very efficient in treating various skin infections especially blackheads and pimples and positive results are guaranteed in a matter of weeks, and most of this skin care routines can be performed on the long run thus helping to nutrify and strengthen the skin in the over time.

How do you get rid of blackheads in 5 minutes?

Many of the methods listed above are very efficient in treatment of blackheads but in some cases they take too long and so what do you do when you need the results immediately.

  • Honey and lemon juice

This may have been listed above to be capable of treating the skin infection but getting rid of blackhead immediately involves a tougher process.

The mixture of lemon and honey should be applied on the infected area preferably using a cotton wool or any soft material, the cotton wool should be used to scrub the infected area gently but firmly for 4 to 6 minutes.

After that, the area can be rinsed and a softer and smoother texture of the area should be noticed. This guarantees a faster reversal of the the symptoms of the infection and you are very well on your way to getting that smooth, plain and glowing skin back.

How can I get rid of blackheads on the nose?

The nose is a common site for different types of acne and that includes blackheads. This is because the pores found in that area of the face are usually large compared to this rest and so the probability of clogged pores is more likely.

So therefore prevention and getting rid of blackheads involves a slightly regular process in order to prevent reoccurence in the long run.

Using Charcoal Mask

This might seem like an absurd approach to treating skin infections but it has proven to be very effective and efficient over time. The way this works in treating blackheads is that when the charcoal powder is applied on the face and left for a few minutes, it sticks to the dead cells and oil thus getting rid of them along with it when the charcoal is washed away from the face. This can be done a few times weekly to quickly get rid of blackhead and regulated to once in 2 weeks to prevent further reoccurence.

Another popular method is exfoliation.

Can I get rid of blackheads overnight with toothpaste?

Absolutely Yes!

Toothpaste is a common method of treating blackheads even though it might not be as effective as products made for specifically for treating the skin infection.

Although there are many other factors to consider before opting for use of toothpaste the process is quite a simple one provided that you don’t react negatively to the product.

Step 1:

This involves squeezing the toothpaste out of a tube and applying it directly on the infected area or mixing it with salt.

Step 2:

Ensuring an even spread on all infected areas and getting a good night’s rest.

Step 3:

Wasing off the paste on the face with cold water to remove dead cells and close pores.

Step 4:

Applying a moisturizer on the skin.

It is very important to make sure the user is not allergic to ingredients found in the? toothpaste and so it is advisable to apply the paste on a small portion of the skin first to check out for negative reactions. Also toothpaste with bleach should be avoided and if toothpaste products with 100% natural make up are available, they tend to be more effective.

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