Herbs For Anxiety: Natural Herbs To Treat Severe, Chronic Anxiety At Home

natural herbs treat chronic anxiety

Do you constantly find yourself in a panic mode, are you worried sick that something bad might happen to you if you do not act, then you have come to the right place

We have put together this list of calming herbs you can use during this tough period.

1. Skullcap flower: This herb is very useful to calm the body and mind.

Please note: skullcap herb is different from skullcap chinese root.

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2. Chamomile Herbal Tea:

Another great herb that can calm the body is Chamomile.

It can be taken as a tea and supplement. You can take this anytime because it is non drowsy.

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Natural Herbs To Treat Severe Anxiety At Home

If you? have chronic or severe anxiety, Valerian root and California Poppy will be of help.

Since they both have strong sedative power, you are better off staying in door when you use them.

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