Home Remedies & Cure For Constipation In Kids: Children Natural Herbal Laxatives & Stool Softeners

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Kids can get constipated as much as adults. Although the cause of constipation in kids may not be similar to those of adults, they still need to be treated. The probable reasons for constipation in kids include wrong dieting, dehydration, holding stools instead of passing them, or others.

Symptoms of constipation in kids.. Children Constipation Symptoms

You may not exactly know when your child is constipated because he might not even know that he is. However, there are telling signs that you can easily observe and simple things to check and know when your child is having constipation.

Although there might be others, the major signs of constipation in kids include:

  • A firm belly.
  • Expression of pain ? crying ? when passing stools
  • The urge to stool but is unable to.
  • Staying for days without having a bowel movement
  • If he/she passes stools, they appear hard and dry
  • Possibly blood in his poop

For treating constipation in kids, the following methods can be employed.

  • Eating high-fiber foods

Proper dieting is as essential for adults as well as for kids, if not more important. Prunes, whole grain cereals, lentils, high fiber bread, avocados, and pears are rich in fiber and should be fed to your constipating child.

  • Giving them enough water

Poor water intake is a reason for constipation both in adults and in children. Encourage your child to drink more water during the day when she feels constipated.

  • Telling them to walk around or jog

You can also ask your child to go on a walk with you or to just start playing around if she feels constipated.

  • Massage his/her tummy

Massaging your kid’s tummy is an easy and very effective method of treating constipation. You should do this by gently rubbing their lower abdomen for some minutes. This process of rubbing encourages proper bowel movement in the intestines.

Natural Laxatives & Stool?Softeners?For Kids

If everything else fails, natural laxatives and stool softeners will be of great help to your kids.

Here are some recommended natural laxatives and stool softeners to ease your kids constipation.

natural laxatives for kidspedia lax liquid stool softener

Lastly,? a very good Probiotic I recommend for your kids is Culturelle. I recently introduced this into my kids diet and it has been of great help in terms of their overall health.

Three of them used to be very constipated but now there is nothing of such.

Click the image below for more details about Culturelle and how to get it.
natural probiotic for kids