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Black Pepper Health Benefits For Men & Women Skin And Hair..Side Effects & Nutritional Value & Facts

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Black Pepper Health Benefits For Men & Women Skin And Hair..Side Effects & Nutritional Value & Facts

health benefits black pepper men women hair skin

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper For Men & Women Skin And Hair..Side Effect & Nutritional Value & Facts

There are so many natural cures to the illnesses we suffer, but sometimes, we don?t even know about these cures. So we spend money trying to cure something that could be cured with the stuff you?ve been throwing away every other day. In this article, I will teach you about black pepper. You may or may not have ever heard of black pepper, if you have, you still may not know the full ways which it can be utilized,(I mean asides going into the pot to add taste to your food.) However, if you haven?t heard about it, now you have, read on to find out all the amazing things you could do with black pepper.

Black pepper is actually got from picking the pepper berries when they are half ripe and just about to turn red, they are then left to dry which causes them to shrivel and also gives them their black color. Black pepper comes from the family Piperaceae. It is a trailing, woody vine that grows in tropical climate region and it is native to south India.

Facts About Black Pepper

Asides its popular cooking uses, black pepper also has some interesting facts that you may or may not know about;

-Black pepper was once used during the middle ages as a currency medium.

-It is available throughout the year.

-Black, Green and White pepper are the same fruit just with different colors. The difference in their color is caused by the varying stages of development of the fruit.

-Black pepper has the highest flavor amongst all types of pepper.

-Black pepper is rich in vitamin K and Manganese, it also contains a reasonable amount of Copper, fiber, and Iron.

-About 50% of a typical restaurant?s spice contains Black pepper.

-Studies have also shown that it is more efficient to eat freshly ground pepper than to add it to a dish while cooking.

?Nutritional facts about black pepper

According to the SELF Nutrition Database, these are the nutrient values of the following contents of black pepper;

Note that the ratings are per 1tablespoon of black pepper which is 6g.



Total fat—————-0.2g



Vitamin C————–1.3mg

Vitamin K————-10.2mcg

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

Our bodies need to be very healthy, so we have gathered some health benefits of black pepper which you may not even have heard of.

Did you know that Black pepper;

  • Aids Digestion;

We may not fully understand how important digestion is for your health, but it is very important. Studies show that indigestion has caused quite a lot of effects in man, some of which are insignificant and occur after an accumulated condition of indigestion. So, not getting the consequences of indigestion now does not mean they still cannot come later.

However, black pepper is known to increase the amount of hydrochloric acid secreted by the body which aids the digestion of food in the body.

  • Cleanses Toxins From The Body;

Black pepper also helps to prevent the formation of intestinal gas, when consumed, it increase ???the rate of sweating and urinating from the body, in the process, getting rid of toxins from the body.

  • Enhances Weight loss;

Are you trying desperately to lose weight? Why not try adding black pepper to your diet.? The outer layer of black pepper is packed with phytonutrients which helps in the breakdown of fatty cells. Try sprinkling black pepper in your next meal.

  • Removes nasal congestion;

Black pepper is a very great natural remedy to cough and nasal congestion. Try making pepper soup with freshly sprinkled black pepper and sip hot to loosen clogged phlegm and open up your nasal tracts.

  • Acts as an Anti depressant;

Are you suffering from recurrent depression, Black pepper has been known to naturally cure people from depression. It contains a compound known as Piperine which helps to increase the cognitive function of the brain. So even if you are not depressed, you can make your brain even sharper with this little spice.

  • Enhances Bioavailability;

Black pepper helps to transport the benefits of other essential nutrients to the various parts where they are needed, thereby giving your body the full effectiveness of the nutrients it needs.

  • Cures Vitiligo;

Vitiligo is a kind of skin disease that causes some areas of the skin to lose pigmentation, thereby changing the coloration of those areas to become white. Every year more than 100 thousand cases of Vitilgo are reported in Nigeria alone. It can affect any part of your body, and can be hereditary also. People with vitiligo stand the chances of eye problems, sun burns and skin cancer. Studies have shown that the presence of piperine in black pepper can aid the production of pigments which can help to treat the skin color loss.

  • Helps To Prevent Cancer;

Black pepper has been found to prevent the development of breast cancer tumors according to a study carried out by the University Of Michigan Cancer Centre. The presence of the Piperine sees to this function.

  • Soothes Toothaches;

Black pepper has antimicrobial contents which help to fight bacteria present. Apply a mixture of black pepper with salt around painful area in the teeth and gum regions and watch pains reduce immediately.

  • Treats Ulcers;

Black pepper contains anti oxidants and anti inflammatory properties which have beneficial effects on Gastric mucosal damage and peptic ulcers.

  • Prevents Asthma;

It has also been known to treat respiratory conditions like ulcers and reduce attacks.

Sometimes, we need the black pepper powder and not just the seed. This can be homemade, and I will show you how;

How To Make Black Pepper Powder At Home

– Dry the pepper seeds properly for about a day either naturally (the sun) or by medium heat. With medium heat from fire, you just need to dry for a few hours.

-Allow to cool

-Grind the seed to a fine and smooth feeling powder

-Transfer to an airtight container.

Remember that evaporation can make the black pepper lose its savor and effect, always keep it sealed.

These uses are in fact not just meant for women, there are also some specific male uses of black pepper as we will be seeing right about now;

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper For Men

Stress Reliever;

After the day?s hard work, you are probably feeling too tired and mostly stressed. Try adding black pepper to your recipe, and watch your system get boosted. Studies have shown that black pepper helps greatly to relieve stress.

Sexual Libido Boost;

Experiments were once conducted on male species using the black pepper, and conclusions were made that the black pepper potentially affects sexual drive in males. Black pepper works on synthesizing nitric oxide in the hole of the blood vessels layers, and nitric oxide affects sexual drive. So, nature strikes again with one of its gifts, try Black pepper for a boost in your sexual libido.

Not yet ready for the Grey Hair?

For men that do not want to be referred to as elders just yet, nature also gave you a way to reverse the grey hairs on your head, (at least till you?re tired of fighting it) Try boiling black pepper and pouring the boiled water from it in your hair, leave in for some time before washing off. Watch out for changes, thank us later.

Trying to stop smoking?

Studies have proved that inhaling the vapor when heating black pepper can reduce craving for smoking. Wow?easier method, yeah?

Black Pepper Benefits For The Skin

Exfoliating Agent;

Black pepper can be used to exfoliate the skin when added to our facial scrubs. So if you want to get rid of the dead cells causing those dark spots on your skin, ? teaspoon of black pepper powder + 1 teaspoon of yoghourt. Apply to skin and wash off after about 20 minutes.


Due to the presence of antioxidants in black pepper, the obvious signs of aging like wrinkles can be faded. Try Black pepper + Honey.

Black Pepper Benefits For The Hair

-Tired of Dull looking, breaking hair?? Try either 1 teaspoon of black pepper powder + 1 teaspoon of lemon or honey, apply and leave in for 20 minutes then wash off.

-Black pepper has also been known to cure dandruff due to its anti bacterial properties. Try 1 teaspoon of black pepper powder + yogurt. Apply and allow to stay for some time, then wash it off.

-For stronger and Thicker textured hair; 1 teaspoon of black pepper powder + 1? teaspoon of lemon seeds, apply, leave in for some time and wash off for astonishing results.

-Are your hairlines receding faster than you expected? Do you want to try and fight the family baldness from getting to you?? Use black pepper as your shampoo together with yoghurt, apply paste all over your scalp, leave in for few minutes, then wash off. Repeat consistently for positive effects.

Side Effects Of Black Pepper

Knowing that most of these cures come with their side effects, we also have to prepare your mind for them.

-Sneezing; High rate of constant sneezing during your usage of black pepper.

-Increased body heat; Black pepper can increase the amount of heat your body produces, thereby making you very uncomfortable, so use moderately especially in hot weathers.

-Not advisable for breastfeeding women; black pepper can be transferred through the breast milk to the infant being breastfed. This is unhealthy for them as it can increase chances of gastro intestinal problems in the child.

-Not advisable for pregnant women; the body of a pregnant woman is extremely sensitive to spices, avoid using it during pregnancy.

-Burning Sensation; it is still pepper after all, so mind the amount you use because you stand the risk of suffering from that burning sensation you should have felt previously. Avoid contact with your eyes please!

-There are some drugs that contradict the effects of black pepper, drugs like Cyclosporine, Cholinergic and Cytochrome P450. Avoid using black pepper when on these drugs.

-Do not directly inhale black pepper as it may lead to respiratory problems.

-Very importantly, direct consumption of black pepper especially in children can cause death as it can go directly into the lungs and nobody wants that.

With all these side effects, you may wonder if black pepper is good for you, so let us answer it;

Is Black Pepper Bad For You?

No, black pepper is not bad for you. As long as you have no allergies to it and you use it moderately, it is not bad for you at all. Pepper is in fact considered as one of the world?s healthiest foods.

Despite its relevance, black pepper also gets spoilt after sometime. It is always best when it is homemade than buying already ground pepper, that is when the seeds are ground at home because it lasts longer when homemade for about 3 months.

How much black pepper to take per day

Just because you love the results you are seeing from taking black pepper does not mean you should overdose on it. There will certainly be a negative effect for taking too much of it. For the purpose of bio-availability as explained earlier, about 20mg of black pepper is the recommended dosage. For nasal congestion, inhalation of black pepper oil for one minute has been studied.

To quit smoking, three minutes have been studied. However, there is no proven effective dosage for black pepper.

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