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Fatty Liver Home Remedies: How To Treat And Reverse Fatty Liver Naturally

fatty liver home remedies

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Fatty Liver Home Remedies: How To Treat And Reverse Fatty Liver Naturally

fatty liver home remedies

Fatty Liver Home Remedies: How To Treat And Reverse Fatty Liver Naturally

Fatty liver is a health condition caused by the over accumulation of fat in the liver. Having a little fat in the liver is considered normal. But fatty liver is often diagnosed when the fat content of the liver is above 5%. The condition is often grouped into two categories: the Non-alcoholic fatty liver and the alcoholic fatty liver. Non-alcoholic fatty liver is however the most common.

Fatty liver has to be medically diagnosed because most often, the symptoms hardly ever show. But some recorded symptoms of this condition include: jaundice, body weakness and fatigue, enlarged liver, mild abdominal pains and a full or bloated feeling.

Fatty liver, if caught on time may be reversible with a few diet and lifestyle adjustments. ?But if not discovered on time, it could result in more severe liver conditions and even other health issues like heart and kidney related diseases.

People who are obese or pack a lot of fat at their tummy and waist region are prone to this disease. This is because these factors give room for fat storage in the liver.

Those who have type 2 diabetes are vulnerable to this condition as well. Type 2 diabetes is caused by the body?s resistance to insulin. Insulin resistance promotes high level fat storage in the liver.

The consumption of food and drinks which are rich in sugar and carbs can aid the build-up of fat in the liver.

Fatty Liver Treatment Diet.

Treatment diet for fatty liver consists of low-fat and low-carbohydrates diets. These diets reduce the amount of fat being stored by the body. Low fat and low carbohydrate diets include: plant proteins and legumes like peas and beans, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, turnips and broccoli, leafy green vegetables, lean meat and fish, brown rice, low fat dairy products like skimmed milk and low-fat yogurt, nuts and seeds.

Ayurvedic Remedies For Fatty Liver

Ayurvedic treatment is an ancient Indian treatment method which uses the essential qualities present in natural herbs to build up the body?s immunity and restore balance to the body; thereby providing effective cures and remedies for diseases. Some ayurvedic remedies for fatty liver are as follows

Andrographis / Green Chiretta

This herb has the ability to effectively boost the body?s immune system. It provides protection for the liver against harmful toxins. It helps control inflammation and contains anti-bacterial qualities which helps strengthens the livers defence mechanism, enough to combat a variety of infectious diseases.

Indian Gooseberry

This fruit is also commonly referred to as Amla. It is a sour fruit which is of great benefit to the liver. It contains high amounts of vitamin C and other vitamins which help eliminate liver toxins and promote the health of the liver.

Terminalia Arjuna

It aids the body?s fight against free radicals which may negatively affect the liver and the kidney. It has also been said to help protect the liver and kidney from damage and may possess some cancer fighting qualities.

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Naturally

Simple fatty liver disease when discovered in its early stages can be reversed or controlled by making few life changes. Getting regular health check-ups is very important for reasons like this.

Eat Healthy

Choose meals which are balanced, generally low in calories and healthy for your body. A proper healthy diet is one which is rich in healthy proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Maintain A Healthy Liver

Stay away from anything which could negatively affect your liver in any way or put it under undue stress. Be careful when taking all medications; be it synthetic or herbal, wrong usage may put your liver at risk.

Weight Loss

Fatty liver is pegged as a disease which affects a number of individuals who are either overweight or obese. This condition requires the affected person to participate in more physical activities and lose some extra pounds. Participating in healthy diets programs which provides a reduction in the amount of calories taken in could also aid weight loss journey.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is good for the general well being of a person and can help prevent and control several health conditions. Exercise is not only for people who wish to lose weight and get in shape, it is good for everyone. ?Exercising 30 minutes a day and about 3-5 days a week could make a positive difference for your body. Get approval from a doctor to understand the kind of exercises which are best for you.

Manage Diabetes Properly

If you suffer from insulin resistance diabetes (type 2) and also this condition of fatty liver, then keep diabetes in check. Properly control diabetes by sticking with drugs and treatment diets which have been given by the doctor.

Fatty Liver Foods To Avoid

As it is with several health conditions, the consumption of certain variety of foods is to be reduced or stopped. This is the same with fatty liver disease. Foods that promote an increase in weight and contain high salt and sugar levels are to be consumed minimally.

Fried foods are well known to be rich in fat content and more fat is the last thing the liver needs at this point. Therefore there should be a reduction in fried foods. Red meats should also be taken in limited amounts because they have a high content of saturated fats.

Limit the intake of excess salts and sugars. Excess salt could make the body hold on to excess water for longer than is required. Over indulging in sugary food and drinks especially foods containing refined sugars, will do more harm than good to the liver. Most sugary treats and juices are packed with lots of refined sugar. If you must indulge, then greatly reduce the quantity or simple avoid them all together.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol. It is known to be one of the causes of liver conditions and diseases.

Stay away from high carbs diets like rice, pasta and the likes, they are processed and have the tendency to increase blood sugar levels.

Fatty Liver Diet Menu

A diet menu for people with this condition should be in line with the meal requirement for fatty liver. It should be a diet that is rich in plant proteins, fruits and vegetables, low-fat animal protein and low carbs whole grains.

Breakfast could be a combination of small portions of fruits and whole grains. Fruits which contain a high amount of sugar should be eaten very moderately. For beverage, a cup of coffee either black or containing controlled quantities of low-fat milk is a preferable choice. A cup of green tea can alternatively be taken for those who do not favor coffee.

Lunch pack could constitute of saut?ed fruits and vegetables alongside skinned baked chicken. Preferred drinks could be water or a cup of low- fat milk. Walnuts can also be added to the meal.

Dinner could be made up of baked or grilled fish: cod, tuna or sardines are good choices or any other fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Plant proteins such as meals made from beans, soya-beans and peas can be eaten. A glass of low-fat milk could as well be added as a beverage. Fruits like avocados would also go well with the meal.

Whatever diet menu being drawn up can include a variety of other healthy meals. But note however that, these foods should not be consumed in extremely large quantities at a time.

Foods For Fatty Liver

Seeds And Nuts

Taking in seeds and nuts like: sunflowers seeds and walnuts are good for the liver. Sunflower has rich vitamin E contents which aids the liver in the removal of harmful substances. Walnut is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is healthy for the body and promotes the proper functioning of the liver.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are good for consumption mainly because they contain more nutrients and undergo much less processing than refined grains. They however also contain carbs and should therefore be taken in controlled quantities too. Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal are said to be healthy food choices.

Plant Proteins

They are healthy for consumption a few of such plants include: soya-beans, tofu, almonds and potatoes.

Animal proteins

Animal proteins like fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and have anti-inflammatory effects on the liver. Fishes which have high omega-3 acids are sardines, cod and salmons.


Drinking coffee has been proven to reduce the risk of liver related ailments.

Green Vegetables

They can be incorporated into meals as they do not encourage the accumulation of body fat. Vegetables like: spinach, green peas and broccoli are good examples.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Dairy products are good to take in for this condition provided they fall under the low-fat group. They contain lots of protein which reportedly reduces liver damage.

Fruits like carrots, kiwi, avocados, citrus fruits and apricots are safe to eat.

Best Exercise For Fatty Liver

Endurance and resistance training exercises are said to be of help to this condition as it reduces fat in the liver. Endurance exercise is characterized by work out routines which speed up the heart and breathing rate. It promotes the health of the circulatory system and improves the activities of the heart as well. Endurance exercises include running, skips, jogging, jumping jacks etc.

Resistance exercises are those training exercise which require muscle contractions. It aids muscle building and weight loss. Some examples of such exercises include: push-ups, sit-ups, planks and squats.

A combination of both exercises is highly effective and helps improve the health condition of the liver and the body in general.

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