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Health Benefits Of Green & Kidney Beans.. Nutritional Facts, Values And Side Effects

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Health Benefits Of Green & Kidney Beans.. Nutritional Facts, Values And Side Effects

?health benefits green kidney beans

Beans is one of the most consumed types of food in different parts of the world. This is mainly as a result of its ability to occur in large quantity and provide the essential nutrition needed by the body.

Individually this ingredient provides a fairly? balanced meal providing the body with strength and stimulating other metabolic activities but along with other diets they complement each other and are even more beneficial to the body system as well as a whole. This article gives insight to the nutritional benefits of beans? and its consequences also.


Beans is one of the most consumed legumes in the world with an ability to grow in a large scale with minor geographical restrictions. It belongs to the plant family fabacea and is famous for its rich nutritional content characterised by fibre, protein and many others.

Beans have been found to not only contribute nutrients to the body but also capable of protecting the body from different disorders such as heart problem, obesity and cholesterol problems. Its varieties makes it a favorite as each type has its own unique quality and serves different functions.

Nutritional Value Of Beans

Calories.????????? 127.5 gcal

Protein???????????? 8.7 g

Carbohydrate? 23.1g

Fiber???????????????? 6.5g

Sugar??????????????? 0.3g

Fat???????????????????? 0.5g

Water content?? 67%

List Of Healthy Beans Type

  • Soybeans

This is a variety of beans that is mostly consumed in the Asian continent. It has been attributed to naturally curing a lot of ailments both mild and chronic, and this is believed to be as a result of its antioxidant qualities.

Soybeans in similarity to other types of beans is very rich in nutrients but what makes it stand out is its ability to stimulate metabolic processes in the body and help get rid of toxic substances and also has probiotic qualities.

Soybeans can be combined with vegetables and other meals to get a balanced diet.

  • Pinto beans

Famously known for spicing up Mexican dishes pinto beans is a variety that does well to provide a fine meal. This variety of beans is not as common as the others but research has proven that it possess almost the same value of nutrients as the rest.

Rich in protein, fibre, folate, iron, potassium and others pinto beans provide nutritional benefits for the body in the absence of fats hence avoiding the common problem of high cholesterol.

This type of beans has also been attributed to correcting some bodily disorders such as irregular bowel movement and high blood sugar among others.

  • Navy Beans

This is a variety that is rich in protein, fibre and most importantly different types of vitamin B. The vitamin B variations that are present in the type of beans are known for different important purposes such as reducing stroke, aiding digestion, optimal blood circulation and a host of others.

This makes navy beans a very good food ingredient to be added along with meals to further boost the strength and immunity of the body system.

  • Chickpeas

Chickpeas is one of the most famous variety of bins and is known for its high nutritional content and antioxidant properties. It contains the already listed benefitial nutrients present in other types and tops it up with antioxidant and probiotic qualities.

With a similarity to lentils, Chickpeas are rich in fibre thus aiding digestion and other metabolic activities.

It is a variety that can be prepared in a lot of ways and still retains its nutrional benefits and potency whilst remaining appealing for consumption.

  • Lentils
  • Green beans

In contrast to other varieties of beans, green beans is a type that is produced by harvesting the bean seeds before they are fully ripened

This unorthodox practice has been attributed to the fact that the nutritional benefits obtained from unripe seeds whilst in their pods exceed the already ripe ones and are capable of correcting disorders in the body. Green beans is richer in fibre, protein, magnesium and other element compared to its other counterparts. This variety is? more common in China than any part of the world and has been used for various nutritional benefits and treatments.

Health benefits of green beans

  1. Healthy pregnancy

Green beans is one of the few meals advised by medical experts to be taken by pregnant women on a regular basis. This is because it is rich in iron, an element essential to pregnant women for a successful birth and proper development of the fetus.

  1. Cancer prevention

Green bean is very useful in treating and preventing cancer because it has antioxidant qualities which enables it to efficiently cleanse the digestive tract and destroy cancerous cells before they accumulate into large tumors.

  1. Prevent diabetes and cholesterol problems

Green beans is rich in a number of elements which make it extremely beneficial to the body, this includes its high protein content that makes it a very good alternative for meat, an ingredient attributed to various heart and cholesterol problems.

Also green beans stimulates proper digestion and break down of complex elements hence preventing the development of diabetes.

This and many other factors are the reasons why green beans remains one of the favorites of all the varieties of beans.

?Kidney beans

Kidney beans is currently the most consumed variety of this legume having been researched to be a regular part of meals in different parts of the world. It derives its name from its shape which has similarities with the look of the human kidney.

Kidney beans are rich in fibre, protein, magnesium and many other nutrients which makes it a good complement for other dishes and an alternative source of protein to non flesh eaters.

Health benefits of kidney beans

  1. High protein

Kidney beans which is the most consumed of all the varieties all over the world due to its ability to be mass produced is one of the main sources of natural protein.

This makes it a very good agent in correcting disorders in the body and reversing the damaging effects of ailments as protein contain amino acid which is a major agent in repairing damaged tissues and organs.

Also, kidney beans is an alternative source if protein to vegetarians.

  1. Good source of energy

Kidney beans provide the healthy kind if energy the body requires to function at an optimal level with the absence of unhealthy fat content. .

This makes them a good daily meal which can be combined with other ingredients without having to bother about cholesterol problems among other things.

  1. High fibre content

The high value of fibre in kidney beans makes it a very good agent in fighting various ailment that may occur as a result of digestive problems.

This is because the presence of fibre makes it probiotic in nature hence providing the body with healthy bacteria for immunity development and other metabolic activities.

  1. Richness in minerals and vitamins

Kidney beans is rich in a number of element that’s are vital to the optimal functioning of the body system. This includes manganese potassium, iron and many others.

This minerals and vitamins are essential for growth in toddlers, healthy living in adults, successful birth in women and other things and so the importance of including kidney beans as a regular part of our meals can not be over emphasized.

Are beans good for weight loss?

Beans in its different varieties has proven through research and experimental results that the legume is very efficient in weight-loss and it does this in two ways.

The first is as a result of its high fiber content which stimulates digestion in the body thus burning energy and reducing the amount converted to fat in the body system.

The second way in which beans contribute to weigh loss is found in its nutritional facts, it is a well known fact that beans is rich in many beneficial nutrient but has extremely low fat quantity. This allows it to serve as a very good alternative to different meals in the absence of fat.

An examples is beans being consumed by vegetarians in place of red meat, not only does it provide almost the same nutritional value but it is also lacks fat, an element attributed to various heart and obesity problems.

So, overall, beans are very good for weight loss.

Is too much beans good for you?

Too much of anything is not good and that includes beans. This is because the legume is rich in fibre and this element if consumed in excess over works the organs of the digestive tract due to its complex make up. This contributes to some disorders such as flatulence, bloating and constipation among others.

So it is important to consume beans with moderation.

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