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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

How To Cure Influenza Flu Fast Without Medicine: Flu Treatment At Home Remedies

Influenza Flu

How To Cure Influenza Flu Fast Without Medicine: Flu Treatment At Home Remedies

how to cure influenza flu fast at home


Influenza is a common health condition that is usually characterized by fever, nasal congestion, and other symptoms. Flu can be spread easily, making it a communicable disease.

Although there are vaccines available for influenza, their efficacy cannot be always trusted. The symptoms of flu normally subside after a few days or weeks after treatment. Based on the peron?s age, symptoms of flu can be reduced using medications like painkillers and antiviral drugs like Tamiflu.

All treatment methods for flu are effective when the affected person gets enough rest and fluid so as to strengthen the body?s immune system in combating the infection.

Despite the ease of treating flu, it has also lead to the deaths of several people, especially during an epidemic.

What is influenza?

Influenza, or flu, is an acute viral infection that is also highly contagious and primarily affects the respiratory system. This infection normally causes an elevation in body temperature (fever).

Causes of influenza

Influenza is a viral infection, meaning that it is basically caused by a virus. While there are three types of the influenza virus ? Influenza A, Influenza B, and Influenza C, other factors such as stress, poor dieting, and effect of other health conditions can also contribute to the development of the flu.

Since flu is highly contagious, a person may spread the infection without even knowing. The infection can be transmitted through any of the following ways:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Physical contact with an infected person
  • Through the saliva

Symptoms of flu

Flu symptoms include fever, muscle aches, fatigue, cough, chills, sore throat, and runny nose. In children, other symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting may also be present.

Note: Some persons may not experience some of the common symptoms of flu like fever, making it hard to self-diagnose. In such cases, it is important that you see a medical doctor.

Natural home remedies for influenza

No doubt, flu can be treated with conventional medicine. However, there are also natural ways of treating the condition that can be done at home without visiting the clinic.

  • Chicken soup

Various studies have proven that giving chicken soup to kids suffering from flu is an effective home remedy for the infection. A professor at the East Tennessee State University, Dr. Reid Blacwelder, also affirms that chicken soup can help in reducing the symptoms of flu.

  • Avoid smoking

Smoking can aggravate the symptoms of the flu such as sore throat. Even second smoking can worsen such symptoms; hence, people suffering from flu are advised to stay away from smoking.

  • Use a cool, damp cloth

To help alleviate the fever, soak a cloth in cool water, wring and place on your forehead, legs, and arms. While doing this will help to reduce the high temperature, you need to be careful so as not to rapidly reduce the body temperature, which can lead to hypothermia.

  • Use hot packs

Instead of using a cool, damp cloth to reduce the fever, try getting some reusable hot packs. Alternatively, soak a cloth in warm water and wring, then, heat in a microwave before applying on the forehead.

  • Elderberry

Elderberry has been proven to have antiviral and immune-boosting properties, which may be beneficial to flu patients. The flowers and fruits of the elderberry plant can be used to strengthen the body?s immunity and help in treating flu. Result from a study even supports this claim. The study discovered that giving flu patients elderberry syrup four times each day for five days helped in alleviating the flu symptoms.

  • Rest

The body?s immune system will not function properly when the body is stressed. Therefore, to boost immunity against the flu, it is recommended that you stay at home and have enough rest.

  • Sanitize your hands

In order to prevent the spread of the flu, you should ensure that you wash your hands with soap and water, or using a hand sanitizer. This should be done, especially when you are going out.

  • Use a face mask

In addition to sanitizing your hands, you may need to also use a face mask to cover your nose or mouth when in public to prevent spreading the infection.

  • Eat light foods

When the body is affected by influenza, digestion can be a bit of a problem. This is because, during this time, the body?s main aim is to try and combat the infection. Therefore, most of the body?s resources will be targeted on healing, making you lose appetite. Eating light and easily digestible foods like soups and fruits during the initial stage of the flu is a good way of providing the body with essential nutrients while also combating the infection.

  • Ginger Tea

Drinking ginger tea or eating fresh ginger is a great home remedy for influenza. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are helpful in reducing flu symptoms such as aches. Moreover, other symptoms like nausea and fever can also be alleviated by drinking ginger tea.

  • Chiropractic

Flu symptoms such as headaches and muscle aches can be relieved through chiropractic care. Chiropractic is a method of treatment that involves manipulation of the body structure, such as the spine, to enhance body immunity.

  • Brewer?s yeast

Brewer?s yeast is a supplement containing B vitamins, protein, and chromium. This supplement has been known to have positive effects on respiratory infections including flu. Even better, a recent research discovered that a yeast supplement was able to reduce the symptoms of flu in human patients.

  • Take a hot shower

Having a steamy shower will help to clear congested nasal pathways as well as help in calming the body. The steam from the shower helps to moisturize the dry throat, easing any irritation there.

  • Garlic

Like garlic, ginger is also a great home remedy for flu and its symptoms. The presence of antioxidants in garlic such as allicin ? the main chemical compound in garlic ? ensures that this common kitchen ingredient is effective in combating viral infections like influenza. Allicin has antiviral and antibacterial properties that benefit the body by boosting immunity.

  • Peppermint tea

Peppermint has a soothing effect on the body. Drinking peppermint when you are down with the flu can help in relieving nausea and sore throat associated with the infection. Besides, rinsing the mouth and throat with the tea can help to get rid of germs.

  • Drink lots of water

Keeping the body properly hydrated at all times is not just medical clich?. As already mentioned, getting enough rest and fluid are the primary ways of detoxifying the body of the viruses that cause the flu. So drinking plenty of water daily will help to relieve the symptoms of the flu.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a beneficial to the immune system. A deficiency in this vitamin has been associated with a prevalence of respiratory infections such as influenza. Moreover, several medical doctors recommend that the daily intake of vitamin D should be increased to about 2000 units.

  • Eat vitamin C-rich foods

When you are down with the flu, eat more foods such as orange and guava which are considered rich sources vitamin C. This is because vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the immune system. Further, the white blood cells, which are active players in the body?s immune system thrive with vitamin C. Studies have also proven that people who take vitamin C experience less colds and flu.

  • Echinacea

Echinacea extract can be an effective natural remedy for flu, according to a 2013 research. This is because the herbal plant possesses several chemical compounds that make it potent in combating flu and cold. When symptoms of the flu have been noticed, drinking five to six cups of Echinacea tea will help to relieve the symptoms.

  • Stay away from alcohol

By this, I mean stop drinking alcohol; it won?t help your situation. Drinking alcoholic beverages can cause dehydration, which is bad for the flu patient.

  • Probiotic foods

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria residing in the gut. A depletion of these bacteria can cause an imbalance in the intestinal flora, indirectly affecting the immune system. According to a 2017 study, Bacillus bacteria (a strain of probiotics) was said to have shown anti-influenza effects, as the flu virus was completely subdued. Thus, eating foods rich in probiotics can help to restore the balance and improve the body?s immunity.

  • Oregano oil

Oregano oil is useful in combating flu symptoms due to its antiviral properties. While there are no confirmatory reports on the use of oregano oil in treating influenza, the fact that the oil has antiviral properties makes it a viable option for flu patients.

  • Suck on lozenges

Lozenges and cough drops can help in reducing flu symptoms like cough and sore throat. So if you have the flu and are experiencing symptom such as cough or irritation in the throat, you can suck on some lozenges.

  • Use a humidifier

The flu can cause dryness in the throat and congestion in the nose. These symptoms can be reduced by fitting a humidifier in your room. A humidifier helps by increasing the moisture content in the room, thereby, making breathing less difficult.

  • Essential oils

Essential oils such as lavender oil and clove oil have been proven to be beneficial in the treatment of flu symptoms like muscle ache. These oils are powerful due to their antioxidants that help in promoting the body?s immune functions.

  • Fresh air

Going out and getting nature?s free and fresh air can help clear the respiratory tract from toxins and pathogens. Though unconfirmed, staying indoors during cold periods restricts us to breathing only dry air which may be bad to respiratory health.

  • Saltwater gargle

Symptoms such as sore throat can be alleviated by gargling with saltwater solution. Doing this three to four times daily can help to keep the sore throat at bay. Instead of saltwater, you can also try using a mixture of honey with lemon juice in warm water.

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