Natural Herbs For Weight Loss, Energy & Metabolism And How To Use Them

natural herbs for weight loss

Natural Herbs For Weight Loss, Energy & Metabolism And How To Use Them

Excess weight is quite an issue for a large number of people. Embarking on a weight loss journey can be quite a difficult task. To make this task easier, a lot of drugs and supplements have been invented over time. However because most of these weight loss drugs are to be ingested, many individuals would prefer using natural weight loss herbs rather than synthetic weight loss drugs. This is because they believe the use of natural herbs is just as effective and much safer. Here are some herbs for weight loss.


This plant has a lot of health benefits and is a component of some diet/weight loss drugs. Ginseng is reportedly good for weight loss, based on a few researches carried out. The ginseng plant is of different types one of which is the Korean ginseng. Drinking this type of ginseng once or twice each day has been proven to slow down the absorption of fat by the body and by extension reduce weight noticeably.


Turmeric is a well known spice with several medicinal qualities. This root spice contains a substance called curcumin which has the ability to help reduce the general body weight, if taken in the right amount. Turmeric can be taken in naturally in the form of tea. Curcumin extract can also be ingested in pill/supplement form for best results.


Cinnamon is a spice very well known for its flavoring qualities. It is also one of those spices which have quite a number of health benefits. It is specifically known to improve the regulation of blood sugar which could in turn decrease hunger and food appetite. Cinnamon also has certain qualities which influences the breaking down and digestion of carbohydrates. All these could contribute to the loss of body weight.

Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are coffee beans which are still fresh and have not been subjected to roasting. The extract from this bean is rich in a certain acid known as chlorogenic acid and this acid is said to have weight reduction properties. Some studies show that the consumption of green coffee beans aids the reduction of tummy fat as well as body mass. This plant is usually a component of many weight loss drugs.


It is classified as belonging to the herbal spice family, the likes of rosemary and thyme. It is said to have an element which greatly helps promote weight loss. It possesses properties which influences the formation of body fat. Oregano is consumed in the form of supplements or as tea.