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Stomach Ulcers Natural Cure, Treatment & Home Remedies

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Stomach Ulcers Natural Cure, Treatment & Home Remedies

stomach ulcers natural cure treatment remedies

How To Cure Stomach Ulcers Permanently With Home Remedies

Research shows that about 10% of humans will experience a form of stomach ulcer during the course of their lives. This means that out of every 10 people, at least 1 person has, or will have stomach ulcer.

This seeming ubiquity of stomach ulcers has sparked several researches for effective remedies for the problem. Stomach ulcer can be treated using conventional medical methods like using antibiotics and other medications to control stomach acid. However, there are also alternative treatment options for stomach ulcers ? which is the purpose of this article.

In this write-up, we shall take a look at some of the common effective natural remedies for stomach ulcers, which can be done at home.

What is stomach ulcer?

An ulcer is localized inflammatory sore that affects an internal mucous membrane like the stomach linings. Ulcers can occur in different parts of the body. Stomach ulcer, also known as gastric ulcer, is a type of peptic ulcer that basically affects the stomach.

As with other forms of ulcer, stomach ulcers happen when there is a reduction of the protective mucous lining of the stomach. This reduction is caused by several factors, such as an excess production of stomach acids.

Causes of stomach ulcer

As mentioned earlier, stomach ulcers occur when the mucus lining of the stomach begin to be reduced. And as said, the reduction may arise as a result of various factors. That said, stomach ulcer can be caused by any of the following:

  1. Prolonged use of NSAIDs: The long-term use of NSAIDs (non-stimulating anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen is one of the common causes of stomach ulcers.
  2. Bacterial infection: Besides the overuse of anti-inflammatory drugs, being infected with bacteria (Helicobacter pylori) is another leading cause of stomach ulcers.
  3. Underlying health condition: Some health problems may be the reason for stomach ulcer. An example is the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, which causes an overproduction of stomach acids.

Signs and symptoms of stomach ulcer

The following are some of the major symptoms of stomach ulcer:

  • Biting pain in the stomach: this is the major sing of a stomach ulcer. The pain may extend to the back of the body.
  • Burning feeling in the chest due to heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Unable to eat due to pain
  • Dark stool
  • Belching
  • Feeling bloated

Risk factors for stomach ulcer

Several factors may contribute to the risk of developing ulcers in the stomach. The following are some of the most common risk factors:

  • Alcohol: Too much intake of alcohol has been linked to damage of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby, increasing the risk for stomach ulcer to occur.
  • Eating too much spicy foods: Eating foods with excess spices can also lead to stomach ulcers. There is an exception however, as hot peppers do not cause ulcers, but can help as a remedy.
  • Age: Age plays a role in the formation of stomach ulcers. According to research people over 50 are more likely to get stomach ulcers than people below 50.
  • Cigarette smoking
  • High-fat foods: Like spicy foods, high-fat foods are also considered to be risk factors for stomach ulcers.
  • Drinking coffee: Drinking coffee has also been found to contribute to the risk of developing stomach ulcer. This is because coffee intake can stimulate the production of acids in the stomach, which, in turn, can lead to stomach ulcer.
  • Stress: Stress is another risk factor for stomach ulcer as it makes it vulnerable for the body to be infected.

Natural cure and home remedies for stomach ulcer

The following are natural alternative methods that can help in the treatment of stomach ulcers:

  1. Onions: Onions may help in improving stomach ulcer pain. This is possible because onions contain compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. To get the best of onions for stomach ulcer treatment, eat the onions raw or add them to your stir-fries. However, make sure not to fry the onions, as they can cause flatulence.
  2. Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar can help to relieve ulcer pain by maintaining the pH balance of the stomach. To use apple cider vinegar as a cure for stomach ulcers, dilute two teaspoons of the liquid in warm water and add some honey, then, drink the mixture. Repeat the process until you begin to notice improvements in the ulcer symptoms.
  3. Cabbage: Cabbage contains glutamine, which is an amino acid that plays an important role in protein metabolism. Glutamine also helps in restoring damaged stomach lining. Drinking cabbage juice is a natural way of treating stomach ulcer at home. Besides cabbage, other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can also be used as natural remedy for stomach ulcers.
  4. Eat vitamin E-rich foods: Vitamin E helps in the formation of powerful antioxidants in the body. Eating foods like kale and avocado is a natural way of providing the body with this essential vitamin. You can also try taking vitamin E supplements.
  5. Garlic: Garlic is a common kitchen ingredient that has been used for years for its medicinal properties. Here, the antibacterial properties of garlic are quite helpful in fighting off ulcer-causing bacteria. Thus, people who have stomach ulcers can try eating some raw garlic cloves or brew a tea with it to improve their condition.
  6. Aloe vera juice: While aloe vera is common for the treatment of skin conditions, it can also help with stomach ulcer. Though more research still needs to be done, various studies have confirmed that drinking aloe vera juice can help in the treatment of stomach ulcers, especially those caused by bacteria.
  7. Banana: Banana contains leucocyanidin, which is a natural flavonoid ? considered to have gastroprotective effects on the stomach. Flavonoids help to protect the digestive tract against bacterial infection. Eat one medium-sized banana three times daily or cook and consume unripe bananas to bring relief to ulcer pain.
  8. Castor oil: Applying castor oil to the stomach can help to relieve ulcer pain. This works because of the oil?s anti-inflammatory, natural healing, and analgesic properties. This method involves placing a towel (which has been previously soaked in castor oil) on the stomach.
  9. Turmeric: Turmeric finds use in the treatment of stomach ulcers because of the presence of curcumin ? the main ingredient of the spice. Curcumin can help to reduce the effects of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) in the body, as well as help to increase mucus production. Also, due to the anti-inflammatory powers of curcumin, turmeric can be an effective remedy for ulcers.
  10. Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper is a type of chili (hot) pepper that is used for cooking. However, aside from the culinary uses of cayenne pepper, it is also used for treating health problems, such as ulcers. Capsaicin, which is the main ingredient in cayenne pepper, is responsible for the pepper?s health benefits. In this case, capsaicin helps by neutralizing the stomach acids and in promoting the production of mucus.
  11. Plums: You can eat plums to help relieve pain caused by ulcer. Plums are packed with polyphenols, which have gastroprotective properties.
  12. Green tea: The presence of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea has been linked with green tea?s anti-ulcer properties. A cup of warm green tea taken twice each day can help to improve the symptoms of stomach ulcer. You can brew the tea by boiling green tea leaves or teabags in water, steeping, and then, filtering.
  13. Ginger: Like garlic, ginger is another kitchen ingredient that is used as natural medicine. Ginger is used in the treatment of several stomach problems like constipation and bloating. Further, based on a 2013 research, eating ginger may help to improve bacteria-induced ulcers, as well as in preventing ulcers caused by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.
  14. Dandelion tea: The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of dandelion tea can be exploited for the treatment of stomach ulcers. For this, you will need to drink a cup of dandelion tea three times each day. You can prepare dandelion tea by boiling a teaspoon of dandelion tea in a cup of water, steeping for about 10 minutes, and then, filtering.
  15. Wood apple: Wood apple leaves can also be used for treating stomach ulcers. This is due to the fact that the leaves are loaded with tannins, which are compounds wit anti-inflammatory properties. Inside the digestive tract, the tannins form a layer of mucus on the walls of the intestine, which helps in the healing of the ulcers. To make a remedy using wood apple leaves, soak some fresh wood apple leaves in water and leave till the next morning. Then, strain the mixture and drink the next day.
  16. Probiotics: Probiotics are healthy bacteria that reside in the digestive tract and are considered beneficial for gut health. A common cause (contributor) of many gut problems, including stomach ulcer, is the deficiency of probiotics. To remedy this, eating more foods high in probiotics is recommended. Examples of such probiotic-rich foods are kefir, tempeh, kombucha, and kimchi.
  17. Chamomile: According to a 2012 report, chamomile can help in the treatment of stomach ulcer due to its anti-ulcer effects. Although no human trial has been carried out, researchers suggest that chamomile tea may be an effective natural remedy for ulcers.
  18. Cranberry juice: Drinking cranberry juice is also an effective natural remedy for stomach ulcer. The juice contains anthocyanins called proanthocyanidins that help in combating H. pylori.
  19. Honey: Honey?s antimicrobial properties have been suggested to be effective in treating stomach ulcer caused by H. pylori. Also, the presence of an enzyme, glucose oxidase, in honey plays a role in combating H. pylori. Apart from these, honey is used as a natural wound-healing boost, which is something that ulcer patients will benefit from. You can reap the anti-ulcer benefits of honey by drinking a mixture of honey and water with a pinch of cinnamon powder.
  20. Licorice root: Licorice root promotes mucus production in the stomach and in protecting the intestines. In addition, the herb has antibacterial properties that should be beneficial in combating ulcers caused by H. pylori. To reap the anti-ulcer benefits of licorice, prepare and consume licorice tea. You can brew the tea by boiling a teaspoon of ground licorice root for about 5 minutes, then, straining and leaving to cool.
  21. Fenugreek seeds: The anti-inflammatory and adhesive properties of fenugreek seeds are helpful in managing stomach ulcer. A cup of boiled, strained, and cooled fenugreek seeds will do your stomach a whole lot of good if you have ulcer.
  22. Coconut water or coconut milk: Both coconut water and coconut milk have been found to be beneficial in the treatment of stomach ulcers. This is attributed to their anti-ulcer effects. Thus, drinking a cup of fresh coconut milk or coconut water every day will help in the treatment of stomach ulcers.
  23. Drumstick leaves: Stomach ulcer can also be treated using drumstick leaves. A remedy can be made by crushing some drumstick leaves to make a paste, then, adding some yogurt to the paste and drinking. Drumstick helps this way because of its natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  24. Foods to consume more: Foods rich in antioxidants should be eaten more to protect the digestive tract from further damage. According to research, consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins can help in the treatment of ulcer.
  25. Things to avoid: Consuming certain foods has been linked with the occurrence of stomach ulcers. Thus, avoiding these foods and substances will not only help in healing stomach ulcers, but will also help in preventing them.
  • Alcohol:
  • Cigarette
  • Caffeine
  • Processed foods
  • Spicy foods
  • Red meat
  • Dairy products with high fat content

Although many of the remedies mentioned in this article have been proven to be effective in treating stomach ulcers, you still need to consult with a doctor before trying any one. This is especially true if the symptoms of the ulcer are very severe or they do not improve, even after home treatment.

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