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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

How To Reduce & Lower High Cholesterol Fast Naturally Without Drug Or Medication

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How To Reduce & Lower High Cholesterol Fast Naturally Without Drug Or Medication

how to lower high cholesterol level naturally without medication

Natural Ways To Lower Your High Cholesterol Level Fast Without Medication Or Drug In 30 Days

There is a common misconception about cholesterol which makes a significant proportion of the population to attribute it to a host of health problems but the substance is actually as important as many of the essential nutrients and vitamins that ensure optimal performance of the body system.

In further details, cholesterol is a waxy oil like substance that is an essential component of cells in the body, it aids various metabolic processes such as digestion, growth and contains vitamin D, an element responsible for development of bones in several parts of the body.

The body is capable of producing this substance on its own but it is also naturally abundant in various food types such as animal meat, egg yolk and several others.

Cholesterol in an adequate quantity in the body system is completely healthy and important to the optimal functioning of various bodily features but in excess, it could lead to different bodily disorders with the most common being development of heart diseases.

This article gives an insight into the various health consequences of high cholesterol, its causes, effects on body system and methods that can be employed for its effective treatment.

Causes Of? High Cholesterol

  • Bad eating habits

This is one of the main causes of high cholesterol as the most commonly consumed food types such as animal meat, eggs and others contain high quantity of saturated and trans fat which increases unhealthy cholesterol LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) in the body system.

Too much consumption of these food types leads to accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and it being an oily substance that can not mix with the blood leads to plaques, thus blocking the arteries and putting a lot of strain on the heart ultimately resulting in various types of heart diseases.

  • Lack of?exercise

Little or no exercise at all is attributed to a host of different bodily disorders and this includes high cholesterol. The way in which lack of exercercise leads to high cholesterol problem is that in its absence the body is not stimulated to secret healthy cholesterol HDL (HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN). Without this essential substance the body is not capable of getting rid of unhealthy ones and so they accumulate in the body system.

  • Genetics

Research has proven that individuals with a family history of high cholesterol levels are at a higher probability themselves of developing the problem and so they require tougher methods such as stricter diet and more exercise amongst other things to keep their cholesterol level in check.

Other conditions that can lead to development of high cholesterol include pregnancy, smoking, age, obesity, diabetes and some others.

It is although important to note that unlike many different disorders in the body, high cholesterol does not show any symptoms and is often referred to as the ?silent killer? and so one should try to engage in regular check up at health facilities to prevent its development into a life threatening stage.

How To Reduce Cholesterol Without Medication

  • Healthy eating habits

Eating healthy to lower cholesterol does not necessarily mean sticking to greens all the time but it means trying to balance the diet and reduce quantity of foods that have high saturated and trans fat quantity.

There are quite a number of substitutes that are available such as kidney beans, herbs, greens and a host of others that can provide the body with essential fat without having negative side effects.

It is advised that an individual should attempt to reduce his or her consumption of trans fat and saturated fat and try to replace them with omega 3 fats, whey protein and soluble fibre, all of which help lower cholesterol in the body while providing it with essential nutrients.

Also, there are some foods which have super abilities in lowering cholesterol level and they would be discussed later.

  • Exercise

Regular exercise helps lower cholesterol and prevent heart diseases in various ways which includes increased production of HDL which is the healthy form of cholesterol and helps reduce weight in the long run.

Engaging in regular exercises that help stress the body stimulates it to secret High density lipoprotein and this is vital as it has the sole responsibility of getting the harmful ones out of the body, the latter function which is the reduction of weight does not only help reduce the risk of high cholesterol but has an overall effect on the body system helping to keep in healthy and functioning at an optimal pace while also improving heart health.

  • Stop smoking

It is a well known fact that smoking is attributed to a host of bodily disorders and diseases as this bad habit increases dependency on tobacco.

Every individual who hopes to successfully lower his cholesterol level is advised to quit smoking because smoking reduces production of High Density Lipoprotein and then the body is unable to get rid of the harmful one.

Research has shown that the results of quitting smoking has spontaneous results on cholesterol level with a significant change noticed just in a matter of hours. Heart rates become balanced, stress on lungs is reduced and an overall increase in the health of the entire body system.

Cholesterol Lowering Foods

  • Nuts

Nuts have an outstanding ability in effectively lowering cholesterol levels as they are rich in quite a number of healthy elements such as fibre, healthy unsaturated fat, protein, magnesium and a host of others, all of which play a active role in lowering cholesterol levels.

Another bonus advantage is that they can be consumed in a variety of ways and can be made a regular part of meals.

  • Soya

Soya is a super food of East Asian origin and can be prepared in a number of unique varieties all of which are rich in essential nutrients and minerals.

It can be prepared in a variety of ways such as soybeans, soy milk, edamame, soy nuts and others.

Soya is rich in protein and fibre which are very essential in lowering cholesterol levels in the body system while having little or no long term health consequences.

  • Fish

Different species of fish have been found to a rich source if omega 3 fat, an element which is crucial to the production of healthy cholesterol in the body and the most prominent of these are salmon and tuna fish.

Apart from their significant rich quantity of healthy fat they are also rich in protein which is essential to various metabolic activities in the body.

It is although advised to be consumed in any other form apart from fried as this further increases unhealthy cholesterol in the body.

  • Fruits

One of the major advantages of making fruits a regular part of meals is their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which makes them an active agent in preventing different bodily disorders and strengthening the immune system.

This quality promotes secretion of healthy cholesterol in the body and when combined with their richness in fibre they become a super agent in lowering cholesterol.

Fruits such as berries, oranges, berries and a host of others have been found to be rich in soluble fibre thus having a significant effect in effectively lowering cholesterol. Also, vegetables play the same function as fruits in lowering cholesterol.

  • Oats and Barley

Although other varieties of whole grains can be used to lower cholesterol, Oats and Barley stand out due to their exceptional richness in fibre, vitamins and other essential nutrients that effectively stimulate production of healthy cholesterol and lowering unhealthy ones.

These awesome food types can be consumed 2 to 3 times daily and a positive result is guaranteed in a matter of weeks.

High Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Conditions that have to be taken to naturally lower cholesterol and stop its effects may be too strenuous for individuals, either as a result of age, habits or necessary lifestyle activities. In such cases the use of supplements are often prescribed to help ease the process. They can be manufactured in form of pills, capsules or liquid.

Below are some of the best supplements that have been discovered to be capable of effectively lowering cholesterol levels.

  • Niacin

Niacin is a B vitamin that has been rated 3 out of 5 stars in effectively lowering cholesterol due to its ability not only to lower Low Density Cholesterol which is unhealthy to the body but to also boost production of healthy ones.

Niacin can be gotten over the counter at various local drug stores and is considerably cheap compared to the other supplements although it possesses side effects which may result in irritable bowel movement and liver problems when consumed without caution.

  • Fish oil supplements

It was mentioned earlier that fish foods when prepared in various forms apart from frying are very effective in lowering cholesterol. This is the reason its supplements are also effective in adequately lowering levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the body.

Another advantage of fish oil supplements is that it helps reduce amount of triglyceride, an element which is carried around the body along with lipoprotein and increases unhealthy cholesterol.

  • Lovastatin

Lovastatin is a manufactured drug that is made from fermenting red yeast on rice. This unconventional method of lowering cholesterol has its origin in Asia and it has proven itself over the years to be very effective.

After the whole process of fermentation and purification the drug is manufactured as has several components but its main component which is effective in lowering cholesterol levels is monavolin K.

  • Psyllium

Psyllium is a form of soluble fibre supplement used to effectively lower cholesterol level in the body. It is one of the most commonly used as foods rich in fibre themselves are the most numerous in the list of cholesterol lowering foods.

It is also cheap and a favorite between many health experts as it does not pose any long term health threats.

  • Stenols and Stanols

Stenols and Stanols are plant elements that have been certified not only by government but also private research organizations to be one of the lead treatments in effectively lowering cholesterol.

This plant elements not only lower the unhealthy cholesterol in the body but also boost production of healthy ones and the overall performance of the body system. They have been attributed to ensuring good hearth health over the long run.

How To Lower High Cholesterol Fast In Two Days

In contrast to popular opinion there are ways to effectively reduce your cholesterol level in a matter of days, even two days without having to go over the counter. The process will be broken down into steps to explain the process easily.


Exercise is the first and most effective step to take if looking to immediately reduce cholesterol levels as it helps boost heart health and blood circulation. This counters the effects of development of plaques in the blood vessels and increases production of healthy cholesterol.


It is not a new fact that adequate relaxation leads to better physical and mental health and this also applies to cholesterol levels. Stress has an adverse effect on cholesterol levels and should be reduced to a minimal level to effectively lower cholesterol levels.

Avoid bad lifestyle habits

Bad habits such as smoking or excess consumption of junk food amongst other things are the main causes of high cholesterol and should be avoided.

Research has shown that quitting regular smoking has an almost immediate effect on cholesterol and improves overall health.

How Quickly?Can You Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?

Although there are practices that lower cholesterol almost immediately, according to Dr Nieca Goldberg one of the lead scientist at Langone Medical Center in NYU it takes up to 3 month to notice a very significant change in overall cholesterol levels.

It might happen faster when using supplements or other unnatural methods but an important point to note is that unlike other bodily disorders, high cholesterol level is something that is concurrent and an individual would have to engage in continuous good lifestyle habits to keep it low over time.






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