Best Supplements For Muscle Gain, Strength And Fat Loss

Best Supplements For Muscle Gain

It is the dream of most individuals to build muscle mass as they get rid of excess fat in their body. This is because muscle unlike fat not only gives a good look but also contributes to the overall good health of the entire body system. Gaining muscle mass, however, is as strenuous, if not more then getting rid of excess fat and ensuring weight loss.

Muscle gain supplements help ease up this process by providing the body with the essential nutrients it requires to successfully go through this process. Although supplements for weight gain often have more serious effects on the body system than any other type of supplements, they are very effective and safe when used with caution.

Best Supplements For Muscle Gain, Strength And Fat Loss

Below is a list of the best supplements for muscle gain.

Whey Protein

This is the most effective and potent of all the muscle gain supplements as it is rich in protein which is essential to tissue repair and muscle growth. Every bodybuilder or individual hoping to develop muscle mass must be well aware of protein and its benefits when broken down to an amino acid. This is because it is the nutrient that ensures that tissue damaged during workouts are repaired and also boost blood flow to the muscles.


Glutamine aids weight loss by stimulating several body functions that increase the efficiency of workouts and retains muscle tone for much longer. It is a variety of one of the most active amino acids in the body. This supplement is essential to the ability of the body to produce the protein which is essential to the growth and repair of damaged tissue cells which occur during workouts. Glutamine aids muscle gain by increasing the sipped at which damaged tissues repair.


This supplement is made up of nutrients that are often deficient in bodybuilders and also contains the vitamin B6. The supplement is very useful to people hoping to go through weight loss and build muscle mass because such processes require strenuous activities that could stretch out the body. This supplement which also contains zinc and magnesium help replenish the lost nutrients in the body and also aids repair of damaged tissues.


This supplement is made up of a combination of three different types of amino acids which are glycine, arginine, and methionine, all working together to boost strength levels and growth and repair of damaged tissue in the body, ultimately leading to rapid weight gain. This supplement has also been found to be capable of stimulating secretion of insulin thus allowing more conversion of sugar to energy for workouts.


BCAA is an acronym for Branch Chained Amino Acids, a popular supplement among many bodybuilders. It primarily consists of 3 essential amino acids which are valine, isoleucine, and leucine. This acids on their own are very effective and important to optimal functioning and repairing of cells in the body.

Together they offer combos of effective health benefits which are improved muscle cells repairing, boosting metabolism and increased energy.