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Easy Ways To Deal With Depression And Mood Swings


Easy Ways To Deal With Depression And Mood Swings

how to deal depression mood swing

Depression is nobody?s friend. It attacks anyone as it likes. The rich, the poor, the weak, the strong?Nobody has immunity against depression. If life is not a bed of roses, depression is the consequence of its rough features. This is because men dreams, aspire, and set goals and in the end, all these might turn out bad. Humans are social insects that are required to build a caste; depression has found a weakness to wreck havoc upon his mind. We make friends, go into relationships, make investments and other faith binding endeavors and these things does not end well all the time, we tend to get depressed when things go wrong. There are two days in the life of an individual: the day for him and the day against him. On the days for him, he will be seen laughing and making merry, while he sulks when days against him dawns. Depression is a reaction the bad that comes our way and it has been a cause to most of the suicide and suicide attempts ever committed by man. Depression is an energy sucking, mood changer and a rapid life destroyer. But we cannot talk about depression without talking about mood swing as both go hand in hand.? The good news however, is that depression is preventable so is mood swing.

What is depression?

On the medical field, depression is referred to as the ?Major Depressive Disorder?. It?s a feeling of dejection which informs emotions of sadness and loss. Depression is a state where the individual affected lacks interest in things that normally excites him. Depression often causes withdrawal and inactivity. Depression is normal if it is temporary, as it?s a form of reaction to life losses. When a loved one or a valuable property is lost, the person affected tend to get depressed but soon get over it in case of? normal depression but in other cases, it often ends in long term depressive disorder which might lead to suicide.

What causes depression?

?There are several reasons why a person would slide into depression, but common to all these reasons are the bad part of it. Personal issues like low self esteem, lack of self confidence and self worth (you can read an article on Self confidence here), health challenges, hormonal disorder, drug and alcohol, loss and so on can lead to depression. Other external factors are;

  • Heartbreak
  • Betrayal of trust
  • Incessant failure
  • Criticism
  • Low self esteem
  • Low self worth
  • Lack of self confidence

Causes of depression are uncountable. While these stand to be the reason why people often slide to depression, it is actually how these things are handled that determines whether depression will slide in or not.

What is mood swing?

?It?s the general believe that mood swing is peculiar to females during their menstrual periods, while it is true that women face mood swings during menstrual cycle, it is not completely true that mood swing is peculiar to women. Both genders are susceptible to mood swing. Mood swing is an extreme change in mood. This can be caused by hormonal malfunction in the body. Medical situations like bi-polar disorder and other diseases that affect the central nervous system like epilepsy and autism.

Causes of mood swing

Mood swing is a natural phenomenon. It?s quiet normal for moods to switch emotions as long as it does not interfere with your day to day activities. However, if the mood swing fluctuates between moments of happiness to moments of extreme sadness leading to depression, then you need help in battling such. Mood swing and depression are related because mood swing is just a step away from depression. Causes of mood swings among other things are;

  • Mental health problem
  • Stress and anxiety
  • The food you eat
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Depression

Other than these, there are still some medical cases that cause mood swing. You are advised to seek medical help from the right quarters. Since mood swing is a major cause of depression, I will be discussing what mood swings really entails, is it normal? And I will be giving tips on how to get over it.

How to Deal With Depression and Mood Swings

According to the popular paradigm, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is wise to prevent depression than trying to get over it after it must have settled on our soul. Preventing depression is the duty of both the individual and their loved ones. Sometimes though, the society might need to play certain roles to prevent a person from being depressed. Here are some tips on how to control depression and mood swings naturally.

Avoid Solitude: solitude prompts depression more than anything. When battling with personal issues, do not barricade yourself from the world as this will not help in anyway. Instead, always be in the company of friends and family to maintain a light mood.

Be Busy: Find distraction in what you like doing. Work often distracts the mind from brooding about troubling issues. Do not be idle; find something to do to help keep the bad thoughts away. By doing that, you are using one stone to kill two birds; improving yourself and avoiding depression and mood swing.

Confide in a friend:? it is still a truth that a problem shared is half solved; you only have to be mindful of the person you share your problems with. Instead of brooding over your problems alone, approach a trustworthy friend and share with them, it gives a sense of relieve when you realize someone actually understand what you are going through, so even if they cannot find any practical solution to your problem, that feeling of camaraderie would suffice.

Pen it down: Apart from confiding in a friend, you can also try write it down in a paper, this is safer and works like magic. Write until you don?t have anything to write again then shred the paper and dispose. You will be surprised by the afterward effect.

Take a walk: Taking a walk might help you get over the whirlwind of emotions going on in your mind. Therefore, before you crash, take a long walk. You might see things differently afterwards.

Regular Exercise: putting the body to good shape often help keep your mood in check.

Improve your sleeping habit: lack of adequate sleep will further worsen your mood swing/depression. You must be mindful of the way you sleep if you are planning to overcome depression. You should try and always get enough sleep as this will calm your mind the more.

Find an escape: ?do you know you can direct the negative energy toward positive things? Use your energy to do something beneficial that you can be proud of

Avoid stress: You must try your best to avoid stressful situations. Stress is a very good cause of depression/mood swings. Whenever you suspect things are getting hot, take a vacation to light things up.

Analyze the cause: Go over the cause of your depression and mood swings. Analyzing these might help you find solution to the problem. It can be work, relationship or other personal concerns. Ask yourself these four questions

Is it worth brooding on?

Is there a solution to it?

Is it as bad as I paint it in my mind?

Who are the people that went through same thing in the past and how did they get over it?

Seek professional help: You might need professional help to prevent depression; therefore a visit to the psychologist would not be bad.

Organize yourself: keep a personal schedule and keep to it, following routines help with mood swing and depression. It?s a ways of staying busy also, but in this case you are organized with a sense of purpose.

Avoid drugs and alcohol: It?s the common believe that drugs and alcohol help one get over tough times, this has been disproved by psychologists over the years. Rather than help you, drugs and alcohol will rather complicate your problem. Apart from the fact that it can only provide a temporary succor, you stand risk of becoming addicted and damaging some delicate organs in your body.

Learn Optimism: Being optimistic helps overcome depression as it is a way to trigger the right hormone in the body. Pessimism leads to depression, this can be proved by the fact that most pessimist out there end up having issues with depression and mood swings.

Learn to say ?No?: The moment you realize you are getting more involved emotionally than sanity allows, that?s the red light for you to walk away. Do not be immersed by your emotions because you will end up losing control of the situation.

So many people have died due to lack of help during the mood swings and time of depression; you will do great to help yourself or someone out of depression today. These are the natural remedy for controlling mood swing which if followed to the last order, will see you through your battle with mood swing.

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