Herbs For Abortion & Miscarriage: 10 Natural Ways To Stop Unwanted Pregnancy Without Abortion

10 natural ways stop unwanted pregnancy

Herbal Abortion, Home Remedies For Unwanted Pregnancy: 10 Natural Ways To Stop Unwanted Pregnancy Without Abortion

The prospect of having a baby represents the ultimate goal for many people around the world. However, in today?s age many tend to have the benefit of planning the family and deciding when is the right time to have a child. Combined with this is the group of people that have no ambitions to have kids. The reality is that there no contraceptive innovation that can guarantee complete protection. That is why, it is imperative to incorporate some natural remedies that can have the role in preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

In this article, we will analyze 10 natural ways to stop an unwanted pregnancy.

1. Angelica (Choraa)

This element can offer numerous benefits in the prospect of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Dong Quai (alternative name for Angelica) can significantly stimulate the uterine contractions. The recommendation is to consume this element within a period of 14 days of the last sexual intercourse.

2. Wild Yam
This natural source of protection can have a broad spectrum of benefits in avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. The Wild Yam can have an effective impact on the sperm as it can make it ineffective. The recommendation is to consume the Wild Yam in the form of herbal teas and hot water. Wild Yam can provide solid results if it is used for two to three months before conducting an unprotected sexual intercourse.

3. Blue cohosh

This element represents one of the most potent herbs that have a broad spectrum of contraceptive benefits. The first and foremost is that the blue cohosh can stimulate and generate the crucial element of oxytocin which has a significant impact on promoting uterine contractions which in turn helps in protecting from unwanted pregnancy.

4. Black Cohosh

This element can be a catalyst in the process of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. It is recommended to consume this herb in the form of tea herbs no more than 4 times per day. However, it is imperative to consult with a specialist before using this element as it can cause miscarriage when used during pregnancy.

5. Cotton Root Bark

The roots of cotton plant can have an optimizing effect on the prospect of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Cotton root bark can be mixed with tea or hot water and the recommendation is to consume for around 2 days. This natural remedy can stimulate the release of hormonal oxytocin which is one of the effective measures to prevent pregnancy.

6. Parsley
Parsley is a unique herb that can offer a broad spectrum of benefits for the human body and the overall health. Also, this herb can be helpful in the process of controlling the menstrual cycle. However, the biggest benefits is that there are no restriction on consuming Parsley as the element does not have any side effects.

7. Pennyroyal
This element has natural characteristics that can influence the prospect of birth control. Many studies have shown that Pennyroyal can be good source for preventing an unwanted pregnancy when combined with blue cohosh. However, it is important to emphasize that this element can cause liver and kidney damage, nervous system damage.

8. Queen Anne’s Lace

The Queen Anne’s Lace, also known as wild carrot is a herb that can be helpful in the process of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. It is the seeds of this plant have the characteristic of natural birth control. Also known as wild carrot, this element should be taken orally four to six days after the sexual intercourse in order to prevent pregnancy.

9. Mugwort (Indian wormwood)
This natural birth control element is extracted from the Mugwort which is a leafy plant that has some similarities with parsley. In order to generate the best results, the mugwort needs to be in dried form and should be consumed with a cup of water to naturally prevent a pregnancy.

10. Stoneseed Root
This final element can be described as a very effective herb for birth control. This root should be added in cold water and allow it to steep for several hours. Drink one cup of it for six months.

On a final note, we can conclude that there are a broad spectrum of natural ways for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. By incorporating these natural herbs, the prospect of having a solid birth control can become a reality for many people.

Please don’t forget to seek your doctor advise when combining any of these herbs.