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8 Effective Ways To Prevent Rodent Infestation In Your Home


8 Effective Ways To Prevent Rodent Infestation In Your Home

how to prevent rodent infestation

Having rats in your home can really be so annoying. They will contaminate your food, destroy your furniture, books and really important stuff.

These rats are so annoying that they go about just anywhere in the house like they actually own it. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and a rat’s movement startles you. The worst part of it all is that they are really tiny and they can fit into very tiny spaces which make them so easy to enter the house.

Rat infestations at homes are usually around the winter seasons when they just want to come in and hide. If only they could leave it at just hiding for safety but no they had to just come and damage stuff and poison food.

So what do we do about them?

Over the years, we have come up with different ways to deal with mice issues like poisoning them or even getting stick traps.

Getting a cat is also an option to rid of rats in the house. I remember having a cat at home and it was really interesting to watch the cat and rat chase every time at home. Tom and Jerry’s cartoon was no joke as these two animals never get along. My little kitty did give those mice a good scare and it was still one of the most effective ways we got rid of those rats.

There is the use of spring traps used to kill rats. It’s one of the oldest methods where you put some food to entice the rat and then the trap snaps.

We tried all these and yet all our methods still seem fruitless with these cleverly cunning creatures. These rats still manage to survive and even spread more around the house

I will give you some tips in this article on how we can all finally get rid of mice in our homes. The trick behind getting rid of these mice is not just by killing them.

We have identified one of the problems and that is mice are tiny so they will keep coming into the house no matter how many of them you kill. The solution to avoiding mice infestation is just in eight simple ways and they are:

  1. ???Block cracks and any holes that are around the home both out and inside of the house. Ensure to properly seal places like pipes and areas that use steel wool.
  2. ???Keep your food items properly in airtight containers and make sure you dispose of your dirt properly. Don?t pile up dirt in the house as this attracts rats.
  3. ???Check your vents and chimneys constantly to ensure rats can?t find their way in. If necessary block your chimney. We now have heaters.
  4. ???Keep all areas in the house including crawling areas, basements, attics etc. clean and dry at all times.
  5. ???Have door sweeps install outside all the outside doors and make sure to check that there are no cracks or holes on the window screens. Also, check the sides of the door frames for signs of cracks or spaces regularly.
  6. ???Get rid of moisture problems in the house like areas with leaking pipes or clogged drainage pipes.
  7. ???Make sure to repair loose or missing bricks on the walls around the house and also repair ceiling boards, loose pop and damaged roofing sheets.
  8. ???Check all items that are brought into the home including boxes and packages.

After taking all these preventive steps you will definitely be free of rats in the house. If you are suspicious of rat activities in your home there are professionals who render Rat Removal services and will treat the problem immediately. Do not let time pass when you sight rats in the house as they reproduce quickly.

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