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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Best Natural Herbs & Spices For Weight Loss: Herbs That Burn Belly Fat Cells Fast


Best Natural Herbs & Spices For Weight Loss: Herbs That Burn Belly Fat Cells Fast

best natural herbs spices weight loss

Best Natural Herbs & Spices For Weight Loss: Herbs That Burn Belly Fat Cells Fast

The use of herbs and spices for aiding and easing up the process of weight loss is one that has increased significantly over the years. This is because these natural ingredients offer more significant effects and changes in a shorter period of time, unlike the normal weight-loss procedures of exercises and ordinary diet.

Herbs and spices not only ease and speed up the process of weight loss but also offer other benefits such as providing of nutrients needed for optimal functioning of the body system and help cure other ailments. These natural ingredients which are often regarded as a blessing are also relatively low in price. Therefore, we have decided to help you compile a list of the best medically backed natural herbs and spices that will help you in your weight loss journey and get you that amazing shape in a much shorter period of time.

Herbs And Spices For Weight Loss


This household ingredients that is characterized by its bright yellow color and seasoning taste has exceptional uses that go beyond that of a kitchen spice. It has been found to be effectively capable of aiding weight loss by boosting metabolism and preventing the formation of fat cells in the body. Turmeric also has components that help raise the temperature of the body thus leading to more calorie and fat burning. This ingredient also offers other health benefits and one of such is maintaining good mental health by prevention of the development of Alzheimer’s disease in the aged.


Ginger is a famous herb that offers several health benefits to the body and is capable of reversing bodily disorders. This herb which can be consumed in its raw form or used as a spice contains special components that help boost metabolism and reduce appetite. It is a favorite among many individuals hoping to go through a successful weight loss journey as it has been found to be very effective without posing any long-term health consequences. Ginger has also been found to help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, a condition that could lead to other health problems. All these attributes listed above confirm that ginger is one of the best herbs to consider for a successful weight loss trip.

Cayenne Pepper

Capsaicin is an element which is capable of effectively aiding weight loss in the short run due to its ability to stimulate bodily functions. The capsaicin found in Cayenne Pepper aids the weight loss process by boosting metabolism for faster burning of fat and calories, stimulate thermogenesis which heats up the body and leads to burning of more calories and also stimulates the production of protein to reduce appetite and allow more burning of fat cells.


Oregano is an herb that has been found to be capable of providing several health benefits to the body and one of such is aiding the weight loss process. This herb is rich in carvacrol, an element that is found in essential oils of several mints such as thyme and basil. This element is capable of stimulating the production of the protein which helps burn fat cells by boosting metabolism and reducing appetite. Although it is not as famous as the other methods, oregano has proven to be quite effective.


This common household spice is very effective in aiding weight loss process through its many exceptional components and it does this through different ways. Firstly, Cinnamon is capable of stimulating secretion of insulin thus converting excess sugar and fat into energy for the body to use. Research has also proven that foods spiced with cinnamon keeps an individual full for much longer than those prepared without it, this confirms that this spice helps reduce appetite and calorie intake hence aiding weight loss. Cinnamon also has high antioxidant properties which provide other health benefits to the body.


Fenugreek is a leguminous annual Eurasian herb that has high fiber content thus reducing appetite and aiding the weight loss process in the long run. This has been backed by several research and results have shown that a meal containing fenugreek spice has a 17% likelihood of reducing fat and calorie intake rather than one that does not contain it.


The type of coffee that is commonly consumed in many households is the one that has gone through several production processes before it into its long lasting and consumable state. The green coffee bean is the state in which this herb has just been harvested before going through any process such as drying, this is the most potent form and its extract has been found to be capable of effectively aiding weight loss.


???????? Guarana

The use of Guarana in treating ailments in the body has been ongoing for a long time. It is most useful in helping to reverse digestive due to its diuretic capabilities. Guarana also aids weight loss by stimulating appetite and leading to lower calorie intake.

???????? Garcinia

Garcinia is very effective in aiding weight loss as it has the ability to prevent storage of excess fat by reducing appetite resulting in a low-calorie intake and stimulating functions that lead to the conversion of the excess fat to energy. Garcinia also helps boost metabolism in the body thus leading to more fat burning.

???????? Cardamom

Cardamom is a spice that is produced from a common Asian plant’s seed, and it has earned its reputation over the years as one of the fastest means of naturally boosting metabolism and acquiring weightloss in a short period of time. It is often taken with a meal, and it guarantees quick results.

???????? Nettle leaf

The use of Nettle leaf for treatment of Ayurveda has existed for a long period of time. Nettle leaf not only stimulates functions that lead to high fat and calorie burn in the body but also helps in detoxifying the body system due to its rich antioxidant properties.

???????? Flax Seeds

Flax seeds aid weight loss in a more subtle manner when compared with their other natural counterparts. This herb does not affect the burning of fat or calorie in the body directly; rather it has properties that bulk up stool and this decreases appetite by keeping an individual full for much longer. It is a good herb often used by people going through weight loss procedure to control bad eating habits.

???????? Dandelion

This herb is very famous for its nutritional qualities and can also aid weight loss. It does this by slowing up the digestion process thus making an individual full for much longer and reducing appetite. This lowers amount of calories taken into the body in the form of solid food and helps in weight loss in the long run.


???????? Ze Xie

Ze Xie is an herb that has its origin in ancient China and is used to aid weight loss through its diuretic properties, the intake of this herb guarantees quick expulsion of excess moisture in the body system. A condition that is necessary for adequate weight loss to occur. Ze Xie is also capable of curing other disorders in the spleen and kidney.

???????? lonicera caprifolium

Ionicera caprifolium which is famously known as honeysuckle is one of the effective ways of ensuring weight loss as it is also capable of getting rid of excess moisture in the body, similarly to that of Ze Xie. Honeysuckle is not only used for its diuretic properties, but it can also be used to reverse effects of inflammation in several parts of the body, especially the digestive tract.

???????? Pine Pollen

The use of pine pollen is one that has Ben around for centuries in China and some other parts of the world due to the exceptional nutritional benefits of this herb. It is primarily extracted from the Chinese Red Pine tree at a particular time of the year when the plant is at its best quality. The process of harvesting this plant and extracting its herb is completely manual thus allowing it to retain its quality and potency. Pine pollen aids weight loss by boosting metabolism which leads to more calorie and fat burning.

???????? Black Ant Extract

The use of black Ant extract is different from all of the other conventional methods of using herbs to treat weight loss as this herb is composed of plant ingredients and also insects, which are black ants. Although unconventional, this herb has proven to be very effective in helping to burn calories and fats by boosting energy levels. It is regarded as the most effective Chinese herb is efficiently aiding weight loss in the short run.


???????? Mango Seed Extract

Mango is a seed that is found in the tropical regions of Africa, and it has been found to offer several health benefits of which includes healthy weight loss. The main ingredient gotten from the extract is the fiber which helps boost metabolism and reduce appetite. Mango Seed Extract is a favorite because it does not pose any long-term health threats.

???????? Whey protein

Whey protein is an herbal supplement that has the exceptional ability to be capable of aiding weight loss and muscle growth at the same time. It has been a favorite among many bodybuilders and athletes over the years, but its weight loss properties have just been recently discovered and found to be very effective. Whey protein can be used along with other supplements for optimal performance.

???????? Hydroxycitric Acid

This supplement which is made from popular Asian plant Brindal Berry and some other minute components is one of the most famous herbal supplements for aiding weight loss. It is a federally approved supplement and has been used in the creation of several drugs, managing to always top the market. It has several capabilities which include boosting metabolism, reducing appetite, reducing fat and calorie intake and also helps detoxify the digestive tract. Hydroxycitric acid also helps to get rid of unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) in the body system.

???????? Glucomannan

Glucomannan is very effective in aiding weight loss due to its richness in fiber. This supplement is gotten from Konjac, a plant of Asian origin and helps in the weight loss process through its ability to inhibit appetite and slow down the digestive process by absorbing water in the digestive tract. All these make the body to use more energy thus leading to more fat burn and weight loss.

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