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Natural Healing Guides, Cures, Home Remedies, Herbal Medicine

Home Remedies For Pneumonia: Best Natural Herbal Treatment For Pneumonia In Adult, Babies & Pregnant Women


Home Remedies For Pneumonia: Best Natural Herbal Treatment For Pneumonia In Adult, Babies & Pregnant Women

home remedies for pneumonia treatment babies adults

Home Remedies For Pneumonia: Best Natural Herbal Treatment For Pneumonia In Adult, Babies & Pregnant Women

Pneumonia is a fairly common medical condition that is characterized by inflammation of the lungs. There is a common misconception about this disease especially in developing countries? with many people thinking that it is as a result of cold weather but that is not the case, although it is easily contacted in winter, pneumonia is caused by bacteria or viral organism and is most common among adults above the age of 60 and new born babies as their immune system is already weakened in the former and not fully developed in the latter.

Pneumonia could be mild or severe and while some individual might just need a few pills and soup to reverse its effects others would have to be admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital. Also, it is important to know that cause of this disease to be able to effectively tackle it, and so this article gives an insight into the causes, symptoms and different home treatment methods that can be approached in treating pneumonia.

Causes of Pneumonia

The causes of Pneumonia are grouped into two major types based on the area of contact.

  1. Community Acquired Pneumonia(CAP)

This consist of bacteria (streptococcus), fungi, and other viral infections that contaminate the environment and can lead to inflammation of the lungs

  1. Health Care Acquired Pneumonia (HAP)

This is defined as the infection and inflammation of lungs due to contamination of machines and equipments used for treatment in the health care locations. This include equipments such as ventilators, face mask and many ithers

Symptoms of Pneumonia

  • Fever
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Dry painful cough
  • Fatigue

Home Remedies For Pneumonia In Babies

Babies are one of the major victims of pneumonia because their immune system is not fully developed, below are some of the various methods that can be employed in treating pneumonia.


Garlic can be used in various ways for treating pneumonia and this is because of its high antibacterial qualities. Its fumes can be inhaled by the little ones or it can be used to make a tea, nonetheless garlic is very potent in destroying bacteria.

One of the reasons the use of garlic is preferred than many of the other methods is that unlike others its consumption does not cause further damage to health and it only destroys infected cells.


Camphor has a wide range of uses when dealing with pneumonia as it is good in killing harmful bacteria in the body system as well as reversing effects of the infection and easing pain.

Camphor is best applied in form of an oily mixture on the chest as this allows it to melt mucous accumulated in the lungs as a result of inflammation, kill harmful bacteria and also relieve pain.

Another advantage of camphor is that it is applied externally and does not possess any threat to health.


You might be very familiar with this very common wild flower often characterised with its bright yellow color but its use extends beyond just being used as an ornament.

Dandelion is rich in elements which are highly antibacterial and this makes it a good agent for destroying harmful bacteria and also reducing inflammation.

Dandelion is best administered in form of mixture with water and can be given to toddlers till the symptoms reduce.


Honey is one of the best ingredients used in treating pneumonia in babies as it appealing to many of them.

The sweet taste of honey makes it easy to give to toddlers, and this combined with its antibacterial qualities helps to reverse the effects of pneumonia.

Also, honey possesses one major health advantage which is that it does not contain sugar and so one does not have to worry about its health consequences on the little ones.

Sesame seeds

One of the symptoms of pneumonia is shortness of breath and dry painful cough among others, these are caused by inflammation leading to the blockage of air paths and this causes a major problem to toddlers.

Sasame seeds are very useful in treating this as they are rich in magnesium, an element famously known for its ability to stimulate expansion and contraction of muscles and organs in the body. This opens up air paths and reduces the painful effects of pneumonia.

The seeds are mashed up and boiled with water for the toddlers to inhale and when combined with other antibacterial methods, it is very efficient.

Home Remedies For Pneumonia In Adults

Cayenne pepper

The use of cayenne pepper is one of the most effective in adults for reducing the pain gotten as a result of pneumonia.

This ingredient is rich in capsaicin, an infamous element that give pepper and some other naturally occurring substances their hotness. Capsaicin helps to melt and remove the mucous accumulated in the lungs as a result of inflammation and it also has analgesic properties which help to ease pain.

To use cayenne pepper, the powder should be mixed with warm water and consumed a few times daily.


Tumeric is an ingredients that can be used for treating both mild pneumonia caused as a result of bacterial infection and also the more severe one which is caused by virus.

It is rich in a number of elements that specifically target infected cells and thus helps in reducing inflammation, clearing up of mucous, easing pain and an overall effect of returning the lungs back to its optimal state.

Turmeric is rubbed on the chest and can be mixed with oils and other ingredients to form a soft paste.


This is a method that should be used only by adults or teenagers as it dangerous for toddlers and could lead to unconsciousness.

This process involves heating water to a significant temperature and mixing it with some oils and other ingredients that have high antibacterial qualities. The steam is inhaled in an enclosed area and it helps in clearing the lungs of mucous and reduces inflammation.

This process is very effective but should be done with caution to prevent accidents.

Tea Tree

Tree tea is very effective in treating pneumonia because it has high antibacterial and antioxidant qualities and can also be administered in a variety of ways.

The most common method of using tea tree is in form of a concoction, it is mixed with water and honey and should be taken 2-3 times daily. The other method involves the use of its oil.

The oil is mixed with water and is boiled so that its fumes can be inhaled. Both methods help in clearing the path way to the lungs and reducing inflammation thus creating an environment in which harmful bacteria can not survive.


Golden seal is a perennial North American herb that is famous for its strong antioxidant and antibacterial qualities. The herb which is often used to treat a variety of diseases and body disorders helps in curing pneumonia by destroying harmful bacteria while also easing pain, supplying the body with essential nutrients and restoring the immune system to its optimal state.

To consume goldenseal, its root is ground to powder and mixed with warm water for consumption 1-2 times daily.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds is used to make an herbal mixture and is one of the best methods employed for treating pneumonia in both adults and children.

In a similar nature with other methods employed, this herb contains antioxidant and antiseptic properties but it performs its roles in a more subtle manner.

Fenugreek seeds helps clear lung paths and remove mucous but most importantly leads to sweating out of various toxic material out of the body.

The powder can be mixed with water to form a juice and should be sipped on through out the day.


One of the best ingredients used in treating pneumonia for both adults and toddlers. This easily acquirable herb can be used in various ways, either by eating it raw, adding it as a spice e in meals or using it to make tea.

Nonetheless the ingredient remains potent? and only helps in destroying infected cells without harming the healthy ones.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider has many uses apart from its use as a basic spice in kitchen. It can be used for treating indigestion, cancer and even pneumonia.

It has high antibacterial and antioxidant properties which make it an active agent in reducing inflammation, destroying harmful bacteria and stimulating various metabolic processes in the body.

Apple cider vinegar is best consumed as a mixture and is one of the most common methods used in curing pneumonia.

Home Remedies For Pneumonia In Pregnant Women

Staying hydrated

This is one of the most important things to consider when pregnant and suffering from a condition such as pneumonia only makes it more essential.

Keeping fluids flowing in the body is important to both the health of the mother and the baby as this helps reduce symptoms by reducing inflammation and cleansing the body of toxic substances, one of them being bacteria and other organisms which could lead to pneumonia.


Consuming vegetables either in raw form or juice is very important in reversing the effects of pneumonia in pregnant women. These ingredients are rich in nutrients and also possess anti bacterial and antiviral properties which help reduce inflammation, destroy infected cells and strengthen the immune system against further attacks.

Vegetables should be made a regular part of meals if one hopes to effectively combat various diseases and this includes pneumonia.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is a favorite for treating pneumonia in pregnant women due to its ability to reduce the popular effect of nausea in women while also destroying harmful bacteria.

The tea can be mixed with other naturally occurring sweeteners such as honey and can be consumed along with meals to ensure quick recovery.

It is although important that the consumption should be moderated to ensure that there is no negative consequence on health of both the mother and the baby.

Peppermint oil

This along with other methods can be used to effectively cure pneumonia in pregnant women. The main function of peppermint oil is that when applied as a massage on the chest, it helps to reduce pain and removal of mucous thus reversing the effect of pneumonia and discouraging the survival of harmful bacteria.

Other ingredients that can be used by pregnant women to treat pneumonia include

  • Garlic
  • Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Sesame seeds

Home Remedies For Walking Pneumonia

In contrast to what its name makes it seem like, walking pneumonia is actually the mildest or least dangerous type of pneumonia. It is caused by a bacteria called mycoplasma and is only accompanied by mild symptoms in comparison with others.

One might not even know that one is suffering from an infection and can easily be mistaken for effects of stress or any other mild condition. Any of the methods listed above can be used to treat it and recovery should be noticed in a few days.

Best method for treating pneumonia

It is important to note that these methods are best employed when the disease is at its mild stage for reducing symptoms and allowing a pain free recovery. In more severe cases, antibiotics are administered by medical experts for treatment of pneumonia caused by bacteria while viral pneumonia often reverses itself over time, as long as there is adequate rest and proper nutrition.

So if you are not seeing progress in a few days please consult a medical professional.

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